Super Cake – The Perfect Baking Recipe For Beginners


This easy cake is an ideal recipe for those just beginning baking (or those short on time), as it can be prepared using either a spoon, hand-held electric mixer, or food processor – providing different levels of manual difficulty and ease.

Climate Hero Super Cake, featuring Perfect Day’s animal-free milk protein used in Brave Robot’s beloved ice cream, is shelf stable, and no eggs are required!


The supercake requires a combination of flour, butter, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar as its essential ingredients. Unsweetened cocoa powder – natural or Dutch-processed – adds rich chocolate flavor. Baking soda works as the leavening agent by reacting with acidic ingredients such as sour lemon juice; salt balances out sweetness while butter adds its moist and tender textures; milk can even be substituted in place of buttermilk in its recipe if necessary.

Beat all ingredients until combined in a large bowl using a hand-held mixer until everything is mixed thoroughly and thick, smooth, and silky in texture. Pour your batter into an un-greased tin and bake at 325 for 45-50 minutes or until its surface has turned golden brown and the insides feel springy to the touch; an inserted skewer should come out clean from its center.


In each episode, judges will present bakers with a surprise box full of ingredients designed to inspire creativity and test ingenuity. If a baker meets all of the jury criteria for that episode, he or she will win Sieu Banh and may continue participating in future episodes.

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To craft the ideal cake, all of your ingredients must be at an appropriate temperature – this will help your batter mix more efficiently and produce soft, tender cakes. Furthermore, overmixing may cause gluten to develop more than necessary, leading to dense or tough cakes.

As mentioned previously, using appropriate baking pans and greasing and flouring them properly are crucial steps toward successfully baking cakes. Doing this will prevent the finished product from sticking to its mold and make removing it simpler. Furthermore, regular checks on your cake during its baking are vital: it should be ready when a toothpick or thin paring knife inserted quickly into its center comes out clean when fast stuck into its center.

Note that your oven must be preheated to the appropriate temperature. A thermometer ($7 from Target) should be used to verify this is done. Furthermore, check the cake’s doneness after reaching the minimum bake time stated by the recipe.

When making the batter, it is crucial to mix butter and sugar until they are light and fluffy – this will enable your cakes to rise evenly with an airy texture. Also, remember to scrape down your bowl as part of this mixing process to incorporate all ingredients.

Finally, flour and liquids must be added alternatingly; this will prevent overmixing while simultaneously making sure all of the ingredients are fully integrated into the batter.

Climate Hero Super Cake is an animal-free mix designed for easy preparation with only water and oil required for its shelf-stability. Crafted using Perfect Day’s animal-free milk protein – which makes their ice cream so delectable – and packaged sustainably in 100% compostable packaging, Climate Hero Super Cake will save the environment, too!


Leavening your cake to cool before decorating it is one of the most essential steps of baking. A cake that is still hot can quickly melt the frosting, rendering it unusable for smooth spreading and spreading evenly. However, there are ways to speed up this process so you can start decorating sooner.

Start by taking out your cake from its pan and allowing it to cool for 10 minutes before placing it on a cooling rack – this allows air circulation around it and will speed up cooling time!

Utilizing a fan is another way to speed up the cooling process and prevent condensation that could make the bottom soggy. A fan will channel cool air towards the base of your cake, helping it cool more rapidly than when sitting on a plate or cake board alone. Furthermore, using it may also prevent condensation that may make its bottom soggy!

Finally, cover your cake in plastic wrap or tin foil to prevent it from drying out while it cools before placing it in either your refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to decorate and frost it.

Depending upon the type of cake, cooling time can range anywhere from several hours to several days. To check that it has thoroughly chilled down, use a thermometer or use a toothpick inserted in it and see if it comes out clean – both methods will ensure you avoid dry cake that may be difficult to handle. Furthermore, cooling will allow any flavor enhancers used in the cake to come into full bloom for enhanced flavor and texture in your finished product.