Wedding Cake Topper With Dog


Cake toppers have long been a traditional part of wedding celebrations. Representing both their likeness and connection, couples often keep them as keepsakes long after their big day has come and gone.

Some couples choose to add children or animals as toppers for their relationship, with same-sex options becoming increasingly available today.

Lettered Cake Topper

Hand-lettered cake toppers are an excellent way to personalize and distinguish your wedding cake from others. Choose a font style that complements the theme of your event, or contact your baker if you would like something more customized. Typically, cursive or script fonts work well and should compliment most cakes well; however, if using font sizes that are too large, it could become overwhelming or appear heavy on top.

Cake toppers can reveal some insight about the couple or event. For example, featuring football or ballerina figures could indicate whether someone enjoys these sports or wishes to pursue a career in them. Crown cake toppers may also add another touch.

Animal wedding cake toppers can add a whimsical charm to your cake! Choose between cute critters like this bunny and bird couple or whimsical creatures like these foxes; either one will add a magical feel and is excellent for outdoor or woodland-themed ceremonies or parties. Additionally, fabric flamingos may make a striking centerpiece.

These cake decorations are ideal for couples who have children. With simple assembly instructions and extra decoration options available to add an extra touch to their cake design, these cake decorations provide an affordable solution that won’t break the bank on an extravagant wedding cake purchase.

Rhinestone monogram cake toppers are another popular choice for weddings and other formal events, featuring both bride and groom initials in acrylic letters. These elegant cake decorations add a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic to the dessert while serving as keepsakes from your special day.

Are you an avid fan of dinosaurs? Make your wedding even more fun if so by adding one to your cake as an adorable topper! Dinosaur-themed toppers make great statement pieces if both parties meet while studying at college, or you could display a stuffed dinosaur as part of the dessert table display if one or both partners enjoy dogs as pets!

Last Name Cake Topper

Add a personalized last name cake topper that doubles as a memorable souvenir for both you and your partner to your wedding cake, acting as both an ornament and a memento of the special occasion. These customized toppers come in an assortment of finishes and sizes to fit your theme; choose between simpler designs such as this arrow motif, or go all-out with an extravagant bobblehead figurine featuring you both.

Wood toppers provide a natural touch that gives any celebration an authentic charm, or opt for the more contemporary aesthetic with acrylic toppers. Engrave your name and date of a festival or add personalization such as adding pawprints if desired – perfect for animal-lover weddings that wish to incorporate their four-legged friends.

Floral elements are always an elegant choice when decorating a wedding cake, and numerous flower-shaped topper options are sure to match your aesthetic. Faux flowers offer long-term and wilt-proof decoration of your cake, while this floral topper featuring your initials arranged into heart shapes will add a romantic flourish.

For an elegant vintage ceremony, opt for a feathery 1920s-style wedding topper that showcases your initials and wedding date – perhaps with some added holographic elements for extra shimmer! Or for something more contemporary like disco or modern ceremonies, consider using one featuring initials and wedding date to complete the look.

Another classic choice is a figurine cake topper that depicts you and your partner dressed for your wedding. While this style works for traditional brides and grooms, LGBTQIA+ couples also find this design suitable. For something even more personalized, check out handmade peg dolls created based on photos of you both!

These adorable wedding cake toppers featuring dog silhouettes will bring smiles to all your guests, especially if they own pets of their own! Each profile is cut from lightweight 1/8″ birch wood, with customizable colors available so you can match it to the color palette of your event.

Etsy is an ideal destination for finding unique wedding cake toppers featuring dogs. Many independent creators provide one-of-a-kind designs that will set your cake apart. Additionally, major retailers such as Party City and Michaels carry a wide range of topper options that could add the final touch.