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An earthquake has rocked Indonesia, killing one and injuring two. Tens of thousands of people were forced out of their homes as some buildings collapsed under its force. The Interesting Info about berita hari ini.

Four Australian surfers rescued miraculously off the Australian coastline have had their rescue marred with sadness after discovering that their local guide remains missing at sea.

Dutch museums are returning hundreds of cultural artifacts taken, often by force, from Indonesia and Sri Lanka during colonialism.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono resigns

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is leaving office after 14 years and handing the reigns over to one of his party’s presidential candidates in March when his two-term limit expires – signaling an exciting change for Indonesia and ushering in its next generation of leaders.

Yudhoyono led Indonesia from Suharto’s dictatorship into democracy and one of the best-performing economies worldwide. Although his track record may have been mixed, he helped steer Indonesia through numerous crises ranging from terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and political turmoil to stable governance.

Recently, however, his administration has come under scrutiny for how they handle religious intolerance and related violence in the country. These setbacks include his failure to prevent Islamist militant groups that target Christians, Shiites, and non-Sunni Muslims who do not conform to Sunni orthodoxy from increasing prominence.

Yudhoyono has aimed at these groups, yet internal rivalries within the Democratic leadership have undermined his attempts at controlling them. At their national congress held last February, there was much debate about who should replace Anas Urbaningrum as chairperson – some members hoping this might improve their chances of running for presidential office next year.

The congress opted for an indirect vote and nominated Mr. Urbaningrum, who has long been associated with the sports complex corruption scandal. While this decision could have been motivated by politics, it also may have been made to maintain voter loyalty despite corruption allegations and other problems that threaten economic prosperity.

On Thursday (9/12/04), President Arbenz launched a major anticorruption initiative by calling government officials to avoid family business and support his new anti-corruption office. He further encouraged provincial governors to report their assets to the Corruption Eradication Commission.

President Agung appointed former career intelligence officer Maj-Gen Syamsir Siregar as the National Intelligence Agency’s (BIN) director. Mr. Syamsir will likely help combat corruption and other abuses within BIN that had become prevalent during Yudhoyono’s watch.

Indonesia’s first dog and cat meat-free market is set to open.

Indonesia’s city, widely condemned for its cruel live animal markets, is taking steps toward ending the sale of dog and cat meat nationwide. Local officials in Jakarta plan on passing legislation similar to what has already taken effect elsewhere, with activists hoping this move will eventually result in nationwide legislation being put in place to ban sales of such foodstuffs.

Tomohon Extreme Market was a popular tourist attraction until images showing howling animals being brutalized and burnt alive as tourist attractions caused outrage worldwide in 2018. Following campaigns by FOUR PAWS calling upon major travel companies not to list it as a tourist attraction, these travel companies responded immediately, and celebrities, including Simon Cowell and Ricky Gervais, supported our campaign against Tomohon Extreme Market as a tourist destination.

North Sulawesi Market has signed a historic agreement to permanently close and cease all future trafficking, slaughtering, and sales of dogs and cats. This move will disrupt criminal networks that steal and traffic animals throughout Indonesian islands and save countless lives by ending trade’s threat to public health, as evidenced by high numbers of human rabies deaths there.

Humane Society International (HSI) will fulfill its historic agreement by rescuing any remaining domestic or pet dogs or cats from Indonesia’s slaughterhouse suppliers to be taken to partner sanctuaries. Furthermore, this group will continue campaigning for a ban on this trade that causes immense suffering to millions of Indonesian domestic pets and humans and is forbidden under Islamic law.

Indonesia kills approximately one million dogs and cats yearly for their meat, providing a significant source of income for many families. Indonesia’s Islamic-majority population regards eating these animals as forbidden – while their trade poses the risk of contracting deadly diseases like rabies, anthrax, or leptospirosis to citizens and visitors to Indonesia as well. As such, an increasing number of countries, such as Singapore and Australia, have outlawed such trade practices.

A truck catches fire in Semarang.

At around 9 pm Tuesday in Semarang, Central Java, an Indonesian passenger train collided with a trailer truck at the Madukoro Street bridge on Madukoro Street in Semarang. It caused its head to explode and the rest to catch fire, sparking widespread online debate and general police and railway company officials working together to evacuate locomotives and trucks from the bridge. Police Chief Commissioner Irwan Anwar later reported that the car did not trespass on the railway but only stopped at the crossing when this accident took place; train KA Brantas was traveling from Blitar to Jakarta when it collided with a truck.

Police have arrested Ravio Patra from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy for posting an alleged call for riots via WhatsApp. Ravio claimed his account had been compromised, but authorities have not verified whether this claim is accurate.

Putri Ariani, 17, stunned Simon Cowell after performing on this week’s two-hour episode of AGT and left judges speechless with her astounding vocals despite losing vision, making the performance an incredible triumphant success and earning top scores from each judge on her show.

Indonesia recently banned live cattle imports from four Australian farms after evidence showed some animals had lumpy skin disease (LSD), a potentially lethal gland condition that leads to enlarged glands. The ban followed an outbreak in Australia last year that killed multiple cows and caused global concern over foot-and-mouth disease.

Bali has launched an initiative to address lousy behavior by foreign tourists visiting its islands, with plans to fine and deport 100 foreigners monthly. Furthermore, a hotline and task force will maintain order on visitors’ behavior.

Falmira De Jesus, from Australia, was attacked while collecting water from a stream in West Kalimantan. Falmira De Jesus was attacked while walking towards her car in Taman Wanasari village and is currently in critical condition – thought to have been shot to exact revenge against the Australian couple responsible for murdering Lucky in a Bali restaurant on April 11. The attack is believed to be revenge by local crocodiles for losing one of their young.

Former USMC rifleman Michael Herrera is worried he will be killed

Michael Herrera is an Air Force senior airman serving with the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group in Southwest Asia as an X-ray technician and supporting COVID-19 testing efforts. Still, he fears his commander may kill him for investigating an extensive corruption scandal that has involved himself and others in his unit.

Indonesian courts formally charged Syaifullah (name withheld), former acting head of Kendari province’s Communication and Information Agency in Southeast Sulawesi, with corruption and money laundering on Monday. Corrupt officials often demand bribes from Indonesians returning from overseas – particularly women – returning home for various crimes, from minor payoffs in traffic cases to large sums for criminal investigations; they would subject migrant workers to random strip searches and theft.

One Queenslander has been fined in Bali for engaging in “bad behavior.” The island recently initiated a crackdown on foreign tourists – setting forth new rules, hotlines, and task forces – yet some tourists still managed to upset locals.

Indonesia’s plans for coal-fired power plants are raising concerns among climate activists as it attempts to establish itself as a global center for electric car batteries. Yet, top officials have made statements that raise doubts over their commitment to renewable energy, transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards renewables.

Indonesia has taken steps to prevent the expulsion of an ex-USMC rifleman who had entered on a visa-free visit from Indonesia. A judge in Jakarta granted a temporary stay, allowing him to return home.

A spokesperson from the Australian Embassy in Jakarta reports they are unaware of any evidence to suggest a man in their 50s has committed any offense in Indonesia and has no cause for deportation.

AirAsia’s nonstop flight from Perth to Jakarta reopened after being suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering millions of free tickets on domestic and international flights for a limited period.

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