Types of wedding gowns: 6 silhouettes and an endless number of variations


Choosing a designer wedding dress is not an easy task, and always takes a lot of time and effort because just one dress has to do so many jobs:

  • match the style of the wedding ceremony and season
  • emphasize the dignity of the figure of the bride and level the flaws
  • be elegant and comfortable at the same time

Knowing the main types and features of bridal gowns dramatically simplifies the search and make it much easier to determine not only the style but also the color, accessories, and other components of the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Basic styles of wedding dresses

wedding dress

It is customary to distinguish six main styles of wedding dresses. Although such a division is conditional since a mixture of styles is increasingly observed, this approach helps brides more easily determine the desired type. It is easier for masters to understand the tastes of the bride and suggest appropriate fabrics and possible ways it’s cut and processed:

  1. Princess wedding dress
  2. A-line wedding gown
  3. Mermaid wedding dress
  4. A straight wedding dress or dress-case
  5. Wedding dress in Empire style
  6. Short bridal gowns

Princess wedding dress

wedding dress

All girls dream of being a princess, and this type of wedding dress is the best embodiment of this dream; that is, since the 1930-s were the most popular type in United States: a corset bodice and a voluminous, fluffy skirt are precisely like the outfits of your favorite female characters from fairy tales and good old cartoons, where femininity goes hand in hand with inner strength, honesty, kindness, and determination.

The splendor of the skirt in such dresses is achieved through the use of:

  • 2-4 unique rings for a skirt, and this option is the most convenient
  • Crinoline
  • Fabric layering

The princess dress is suitable for a different type of figure, giving it an hourglass shape and balancing the upper and lower parts.

A-line wedding dress

wedding dress

An elegant A-line wedding dress is characterized by a soft trapezoidal skirt extension from a slightly high cutting line at the waist and embossed seams that emphasize the curves of the figure. To create the right mood for a wedding dress, a variety of decor and materials are used:

  • Silk emphasizes the elegance of the model.
  • Atlas adds clarity to silhouette lines.
  • Luxurious embroidery adds variety to the texture of the smooth waterfall fabric.
  • The lightness and airiness of the outfit emphasize organza, taffeta, and mesh.

The A-line wedding dress is perfect for petite brides to give the illusion of being taller. Also, such a model is appropriate for a small ceremony for several people and a traditional celebration with many participants.

A designer bridal gown by Dream Bridal Couture

Our designer wedding dresses are available worldwide, thanks to the cooperation with bridal salons and world-class suppliers of the best materials for tailoring luxury dresses. Each dress from Dream Bridal Couture is an individual tailoring and a unique design, handmade embroidery containing a piece of the soul of each of our craftswomen. We do everything for our dear brides from Europe, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Nigeria, and other countries worldwide to access bridal gowns’ best quality.

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