Why Fiberglass Is a Wise Choice For Window Or Door Screens


When it comes to screen windows and doors, fiberglass is an economical and long-lasting choice that won’t dent, sag, or succumb to insect damage. Check out the Best info about Asia global fibertek.

Phifer standard fiberglass insect screenings are constructed from permanent glass yarn and coated with a protective vinyl coating to ensure long-term beauty, color, and flexibility. Dark-colored fiberglass screens reduce glare to improve outward visibility.


Many homeowners regard aluminum window screens as the gold standard when it comes to window screen material options; however, fiberglass can often prove more cost-effective while offering comparable levels of performance and durability.

Fiberglass mesh screens are more resilient than metal screens and will not rust over time, making them suitable for environments such as salty sea air or high humidity. Furthermore, their resilient fiberglass material helps protect pets and children alike.

Homeowners also have several alternatives to fiberglass screening available, such as No-See-Um fiberglass, which features tighter weaving than standard 18×16 screening to keep out even the tiniest insects (often known as No-See-Ums). Other screens, like BetterVue, can enhance visibility while increasing strength and durability.

Bronze screening provides windows and porch enclosures with an elegant copper aesthetic, as it is more durable than aluminum and may outlive its lifespan and dents better. Unfortunately, bronze may cost more than aluminum, and its hue may fade over time.


Fiberglass mesh screen is an excellent choice for window and door screening due to its durability. It is resistant to tears, punctures, and fading from sunlight exposure, and it is also resistant to mold growth. Mold spores cannot damage this screening material, either! Regardless of which screening material is selected for use, cleaning regularly is critical to keeping it looking its best!

Standard fiberglass mesh screens are an economical and dependable choice for windows, doors, and patios. Woven tighter than other options available on the market, traditional fiberglass is effective at keeping bugs at bay while still permitting airflow and visibility.

Polyester screens may cost more than fiberglass versions, but they provide superior durability. They feature a vinyl coating during production that increases resistance against cuts and tears—perfect for heavy-duty usage and homes with pets!

Proper care and maintenance of fiberglass screens are crucial if homeowners wish to increase the lifespan of these essential pieces of equipment. Regularly wiping down with a damp cloth and mild detergent will keep your screens in tip-top condition. Trim vegetation around them to avoid rubbing due to plant growth, and quickly repair any holes or tears that arise.

Easy to Install

Various factors affect the lifespan of window screens. Material quality, sun exposure levels, and frequency of use all affect lifespan. Proper installation also makes an impactful statement: screens that have no wrinkles or folds are much less likely to rip or be damaged than ones without.

Fiberglass is the go-to screen material due to its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Available in various colors and sizes to meet any need you may have, installation is quick and rustproof or dent-proof, while black and charcoal finishes help minimize glare while providing the most incredible visibility outwards.

DIYers can quickly repair and replace worn-out screens using standard fiberglass window screening, which is flexible enough to conform around frames without creasing under pressure and strong enough not to wrinkle over time, as aluminum mesh can do. DIYers will find fiberglass screening an easy and economical choice when replacing damaged screens in high-traffic areas like offices.

Phiferglass standard fiberglass insect screening can be purchased by roll and foot. As the industry standard, Phiferglass features permanent glass yarn woven through protective vinyl coating for long-lasting beauty, color, and flexibility—plus, it won’t rust or corrode! We also carry No-See-Um fiberglass, which features finer-mesh holes to keep insects at bay without impairing light transmission or airflow.


When it comes to window screening, there are various options to consider. Some prioritize visibility, while others focus on durability or UV protection; if you want something that provides all three, fiberglass could be your perfect solution.

Fiberglass screens are durable and weather-proof, resisting rust and corrosion for extended use in various environments such as high humidity or saltwater exposure. They can also be found in screen porches, screened-in patios, three-season rooms, and gazebos.

Glass fiber mesh is an extremely versatile reinforcement material. It is perfect for reinforcing concrete structures and improving windows and doors. Due to its strength and resistance properties, fiberglass makes an excellent reinforcement choice in demanding construction projects.

Phifer Wire fiberglass screens offer durable and versatile solutions, from keeping out insects to providing fresh airflow into your home. They are available in a range of weaves to meet individual needs. Plus, their vinyl coating provides added durability against damage—you can even have one customized so your windows, doors, or screens match perfectly with the style of your house!