10 Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home with Acrylic Mirrors

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Do you love the look of large mirrors in your home? Mirrors are a great decorating element for your home. They make small spaces look bigger, and they’re a favorite decorating trick of interior designers.

If you want eye-catching decorations that will get everyone talking, then acrylic mirrors are a great choice. I know it probably sounds unreal, to purchase a mirror that isn’t even real — but one thing is true of all of them: acrylic mirrors are an alternative to glass, offering practical advantages and a stylish finish that won’t compromise on safety or quality.

What Makes Acrylic Mirrors Unique?

Before you begin shopping for one of these mirrors, it’s important to know how they differ from traditional glass mirrors and what makes them unique.

Safer than Glass

Acrylic mirrors are not made of glass, which means they are shatter-resistant and won’t break easily. This is a safer choice in a children’s playroom, daycare, or even your own home where you need a little extra confidence that the surface won’t shatter if it falls. Glass mirrors are dangerous to use because they can break into sharp shards and injure someone.

Creates Better Illusion

With acrylic mirrors, you can enjoy the look and feel of having a bigger window in your home. They are lightweight and work wonders for giving the illusion that your existing window is larger than it is.

Do-it-yourself Installation

Installing acrylic mirrors is more fun than you might think. It’s a safer way to get creative with your home, and you can save some money while you’re at it.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Acrylic mirrors can be an inexpensive way to change the look of your room and give it a modern feel. No matter if you prefer a traditional, classic style or a bold and daring design, you will be able to find variations of acrylic mirrors for sale at black Friday mirror deals that will fit the style of your home at a very affordable price.

Versatile and Widely-Used

Acrylic mirrors have become increasingly more available in the markets today. They are used along with other decorative elements in the home but they are not limited to mirrors only. They are plastic materials that can be cast into any shape, size, or form allowing for endless design possibilities.

Cool, Glam, and Modern

Full-length acrylic mirrors add a special element and charms that other materials such as glass do not possess. You can even have them created with custom designs or cut-outs. The material is also easy to clean and quite convincing in its appearance of depth and warmth.

Decorating Your Home With Acrylic Mirrors

With all the benefits and versatile uses of acrylic homes, we have rounded up some of the best decorating ideas from seasoned interior designers on how they use their acrylic mirrors to convert a home into an inspiring and unique space.

#1 Add light to your dining room. Acrylic mirrors are the perfect solution for a space that needs light and dimension. The mirrored finish reflects and amplifies the light in your dining room, while still allowing your other decor to be seen.

#2 Add interest to bathroom design. Bathrooms are becoming more elegant and stylish, with luxury fittings and furniture making them into comfortable oases. Create a border around the mirror with strips of colored acrylic mirrors; these can be glued to the wall with double-sided tape or mounted with small pieces of molding. Mount pieces of colored acrylic mirror around a regular mirror to create a frame. Use cutout shapes like stars or circles, in various sizes and colors.

Acrylic mirrors can also come with LED lighting installed behind them for added light in the room. To create a luxurious look for your bathroom, consider using these mirrors over the sink or above the bathtub.

#3 Add detail to your cabinets and home furnishings. Adding mirror detail can help bring an old piece back to life or make a new piece stand out. If you have any clear flat surfaces, such as doors or shelves, consider adding a small piece of mirror to bring some sparkle into the space.

You can also use them on top of tables and countertops. The reflective surface adds light, sparkle, and visual interest to any décor or table setting. Acrylic mirrors also add dimension to objects or flowers placed on top of it by reflecting light off the surface it’s placed on.

#4 Enhance your bedroom. Take a look around your bedroom. Is there anything you’d like to change? Maybe the bedside table and lamp combination are too bulky, or maybe your bed frame is taking up too much space. Perhaps you want to add a statement piece of furniture to the room, but there’s simply no room for it. Sometimes, the best way to make a bedroom feel new again is to look at it in a new light—literally. You can easily modernize your bedroom by adding acrylic mirrors to the decor. You can even get the best deals from a bedroom mirrors sale.

#5 Create an outdoor oasis. Acrylic mirrors can add interest to a wall in your garden, or reflect natural light into a shady area. You can also hang a mirror on a tree in your yard, or mount one near your porch to give the illusion of an extra window. If you have limited room to plant flowers, you could use acrylic mirrors to brighten up your outdoor space by hanging several of them outdoors against a fence or garage door. The mirror will appear almost transparent from the outside but will reflect light into your garden. The reflection may also make it seem as if you have more plants than you do.

#6 Design exquisite side tables. The secret of this creation is in the leg of the table where a circular piece of mirror is used as a backdrop and gives the table an illusion that it has no legs. The glass top set on this mirror creates a mesmerizing effect that simply cannot be ignored. A side table like this will surely add grace to your living room or any other room you tend to place it in. With its modern design and rich look, this side table is sure to become a focal point in any home décor setting.

#7 Install a creative wall in your living room. Choose an area of your living room that has good light exposure. Ideally, this would be a spot where natural or artificial light comes in from at least one side of the room (but not directly overhead). If possible choose an area with an unobstructed view of the outside world such as through windows or doors leading onto balconies – this will help create an even greater sense of space when looking at reflections from all angles within your living room’s interior space.

In addition, avoid choosing areas where there are obstructions such as furniture or other objects blocking any part of what would otherwise be seen if reflected in one’s mirrors (i.e., walls, flooring materials).

#8 Add depth to a small space. There are two ways to cost-effectively use large acrylic mirrors to add light, depth, and dimension to a tight space.

  • Use an oversized mirror to cover the entire wall making it appear as if the room is bigger than it actually is.
  • Install mirrors on adjacent walls to create a ‘tunnel effect’ where the room appears deeper than it actually is.

#9 Make a memorable entryway. You can use acrylic mirrors to turn your entryway into a piece of art. When you are walking in the front door, it is going to look like you are walking through a mirror. This is going to add a lot of style to your home. Here are some ideas for how you can use them to create an inviting entryway:

  • Create a collage of different-sized mirrors on one wall (or above your console table) for maximum impact.
  • Hang a large mirror behind your console table to make the space feel larger and more welcoming. The reflective surface will make your guests feel less boxed in when they enter the room.
  • Make use of a blank corner by placing a small round or square mirror on each side of it. This will give the illusion of having taken up that space with something more substantial than just two mirrors, without blocking any natural light.

#10 Create your own piece of art. An acrylic mirror is a self-adhesive sheet that has a reflective surface, making it perfect for creating your own piece of art.

  • You can cut it into shapes like circles or flowers—even letters. Once you have the shape or letter cut out, glue it onto a piece of plywood or other sturdy material and paint the backside of it whatever color you desire. You can hang it on the wall as a piece of modern art.
  • You can create your own collage by cutting acrylic mirrors into different shapes and sizes and gluing them together to make a mosaic design.
  • You could also have fun with your kids by having them draw on the mirror with markers or other art supplies.

By following some of the decorating ideas above, you can select the mirror that’s good for you as well as your needs, turning it into something that will aid in creating the decorations you’re looking for.

Some ideas are more cost-effective and practical than others, but regardless, you can use these mirrors to embellish your home in whatever way you see fit. You can achieve a style that matches your personality, or you can simply find them to be an interesting accent.

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