24-Hour Home Care: Everything You Need To Know About The Service

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Elderly individuals or pupils who are advised to be under home care require extra attention and care. Hence, services such as 24 hour home care are ideal for such individuals. As these services provide adequate care and 24/7 support, you would be considering it for yourself or your loved ones.

You need to understand their assistance and the caregivers’ availability with such services. This post highlights everything you need to know about the 24-hour home care service. Read on!

What is 24-Hour Home Care?

24-hour home care is a service for the elderly or individuals who require assistance in daily activities. Additionally, you or your loved ones can have company throughout the day.

A care provider moves in the house and offers help and company for an individual. The caregiver can aid if an individual has the following problems.

● Restless during the night

● Prone to wandering

● Needs assistance in mobility

● Requires help in staying active

● Needs aid in feeding and using the bathroom

The caregiver is essentially trained and has the expertise to look after an elderly or any individual requiring assistance.

How is 24-Hour Home Care Different from Other Types of In-Home Care?

With a 24-hour home care service, your loved ones get undivided attention as the caretaker is available around the clock. If you or your loved one needs to be under supervision day and night, a 24-hour home care service is ideal.

Depending on the agency and the caretaker, the service period and the leaves are decided. After you agree to the caregiver’s availability, the service will commence.

In other home care services, the caretaker’s availability is relatively lesser. The duration and type of assistance required would determine the service you opt for, such as the ones listed below.  

● Monitoring overnight

● Transport arrangement

● Help in feeding and using the washroom. 

What differentiates a 24-hour home care service is the full-time availability and the continuous support and assistance provided.

The Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care

The elderly care and services market size is growing at a CAGR of 3.9% during 2020-2025. Hence, more individuals are relying on services such as 24-hour home care.

To help you get a clear picture, the pointers mentioned below are some benefits of this service.

24/7 Support

The primary function of a 24-hour home care service is to provide 24/7 support. You can get prompt and attentive care all day and night.

One of the significant worries individuals have is their loved ones falling and getting injured. With a caregiver around 24/7, such possibilities get reduced.


Naturally, if you have a busy lifestyle, you wouldn’t be able to provide care and attention to your loved ones frequently. Thus, hiring a caregiver for a 24-hour home care service allows you flexibility.

With flexibility in your schedule, you can have peace of mind and care for your loved ones stress-free.

Familiar Surrounding

Elderly individuals need familiarity with their surroundings to feel safe. They may choose home care instead of hospital care. With home care, they are closer to their families and in an environment they are familiar with.

Hiring a 24-hour home care service can aid your home care setup and make it more efficient.

For elderly individuals, assistance in daily tasks is essential. Hence, services such as 24 hour home care offer precisely what an individual with home care needs.

With trained caregivers, you can be worry-free as they offer 24/7 support and company throughout the day. Moreover, they also assist in using the bathroom, eating meals, taking medicines, and much more.

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