4 amazing kitchen fit-out ideas for your home in London

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Kitchens for many cultures represent the heart of the home. When we talk about the kitchen, we talk about a place where we can share moments that will always be in our hearts, so it should be a space that is pleasant, cozy and practical, an environment where you can make life with your family and everyone feels comfortable. Currently many families seek to adapt their kitchen to the trends of the moment, this involves renewing them by changing parts such as countertops, floors or tiling. That is why we will suggest some of the best ideas for a kitchen fitout in London.

We must always keep in mind that when considering a modification or construction, this represents a certain commitment, especially when we talk about a place as special as the kitchen. As we mentioned before, this place is essential in our home and that is why we need everything to be kept under control, in reliable hands. It is for this reason that at the time of carrying out any renovation, it is of utmost importance to have a company that transmits confidence and above all, has the necessary experience.


If you have already made the decision and want to renovate your kitchen, and you already have the professionals that will help you to carry out your project, the first thing you should do is to make a previous planning of the changes you want to carry out. This will be much easier with the help of professionals in the area that will not allow you to make a mess and that your ideas can be reflected in something beautiful.

In order to inspire you a little more, we want to give you some ideas:

Put up a blackboard

It may sound strange, but yes. When we talk about a chalkboard, we are not thinking about a small toy one, we mean taking one of the walls of the kitchen and making one to measure. There are also some types of paint on which you can write without damaging it, it is simply a matter of making a frame to make it look nicer and ready, you can make it out of wood or some polymer, in addition to adding painted accessories to make it look much more original, like something that marks the days and divides the board into sections.

With this we seek that the moments in the kitchen become much more special and are ideal if you have small children at home, whether they are your children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren. Give color to your wall with chalk, leave notes, write ideas, a motivational message, a task, a drawing, really anything you can think of. This can also be a perfect tool if you want to write something down for when it’s time to do the shopping or if you are a really creative person who likes to personalize your spaces depending on your mood changes.

Decorative elements

Decorative elements play an important role. Creating a composition with different pieces that when combined can create a more pleasant atmosphere is amazing. The amount of objects will depend on your needs, clearly you will need chairs, tables, pictures, shelves, lamps and some other objects to decorate. If we have to mention an element that can enhance the look of the kitchen, this would be the lighting, a well-lit space can convey calm, peace and comfort.

The amount of decoration that you decide to add will depend on each person, for many people keeping a minimalist space is ideal, in the same way there are people who like to have many elements. Whatever the decision you make, there must be a coherence between them to create an appropriate and homogeneous environment with the other spaces in your home.

One of the things that are currently being used more, are the functional decorations. With this we refer to a hobby that can be reflected as decoration, for example, a canvas, a piano, a crochet area, all depending on your hobbies. That said, you should trust a professional construction contractor in London.

Paint or cover the tiles

Many times we have tiles and we live with the idea that these will remain in our kitchen all our life, for some people this can be a torture, always the same. The truth is that today you can change that paradigm and break with tradition. To achieve this, you can give it a more original touch by painting with matte or satin tones.

kitchen fitout in London

If you prefer, you can cover all the parts you prefer with lacquered glass, with a glossy or matte finish. These are glued on top of the tile and have a wide range of colors for you to choose the one you like best. It can be easily cleaned, you would only need a damp cloth and the best part is that its shine will not be lost.

This method also favors a better distribution of light throughout the place, giving a feeling of more space.

Another option is wallpaper, for areas such as the kitchen, it is best to opt for a vinyl that allows cleaning in a much easier way. In the end what we seek to innovate without complicating our existence, it is useless to create a new space if it will bring us more complications than the previous one.

Looking further down: renovate the floor

We have already covered cabinets, walls, furniture, tiles, but we are missing another vital element, the floor. The floor is a visual component that can reflect the personality of each room. Without a doubt it is an area that presents many possibilities.

The best thing is that you can renew this element without having to resort to a lot of money or having to destroy much of the house, today there are many options that you can apply to give a new look to the floor. You can apply a plastic laminate to insulate your floor to protect it from moisture. Once you carry out this procedure you can place a variety of textures that will give the impression of a new floor.

kitchen fitout in London

We hope that all these recommendations can help you and stimulate your imagination so that you can achieve the kitchen you desire. Be sure to look at all the options before choosing so that this space can reflect the love you feel for your family. Give your home a new look without having to invest all your savings. That is why we always suggest trusting the most reliable kitchen fitters in London.

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