5 Common Skin Conditions in Women

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Skin conditions are common in both men and women. However, some skew more towards women. The reasons can vary from lifestyle choices, environmental factors to hormones and even the immune system.

Keep reading to discover the five common skin conditions that women that present more problems for women.


Acne is something that around 40 to 50 million women and men struggle with annually. However, at times it’s present in women even in their 50’s. Acne forms when oil and dead skin cells clog the hair follicles in the skin.

Most people have struggled with bouncing from one treatment to another seeking out the holy grail. While hormone therapies work for some, acne on women’s skin needs a treatment tailored specifically for them.


Melanoma is the most dangerous skin disease that has a risk that increases as a person ages.

However, it’s becoming much more common in young women. And while some might think it’s due to too much sun exposure, the reality is indoor tanning facilities are more likely the reason to blame.

Typically, in women, you’ll find melanoma forming on their legs. If you think the mole on your leg looks a little bit suspicious, it’s recommended that you get it checked out immediately.


One of the other skin issues found much more commonly in women is cellulite. Many women who suffer from it develop cellulite after puberty when fat gets distributed among the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

It’s also common to find more areas affected as people age due to the skin losing its elasticity. There are many reasons why cellulite can suddenly appear in more places, but solutions are also available to combat it.

You can always visit a dermatologist or do preliminary research online on websites like betteroff.com, healthline.com, or even popular shows like Dr. Oz.


It’s an autoimmune disease that presents itself with patches of red, scaly skin. It’s much more common to have flare ups during specific times like puberty, after birth, and menopause.

Interestingly, a flare up is more likely to occur when the body undergoes feelings of stress. This shows the potential of hormones playing a role in this autoimmune disease.


The CDC states that lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that commonly presents in women when their estrogen levels are highest during childbearing years.

Other causes include immune system irregularities as well as specific environmental triggers. Some triggers like stress, sunlight, medicines, and viruses cause lupus if someone is genetically prone to skin disorders.

Some health problems lupus causes include kidney disease, osteoporosis, and risk of heart disease.

Caring for Common Skin Conditions

It’s possible to prevent some common skin conditions with proper care. Most tips involve sanitary practices like washing hands, not sharing utensils, an adequate diet, and plenty of water.

Other noninfectious disorders like acne follow the same principle.

Don’t stress if you currently suffer from a skin disorder. Getting proper skin care and treatment is extremely important, so it’s advantageous to see your dermatologist if you feel like you can’t treat the condition at home.

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