5 Reasons Why Open Shelves are Your Next Kitchen Storage Solution

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If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or change your shelves into something new, then you might want to try open shelving.

While cabinets have always been a popular storage solution in the kitchen, open storage shelves are stealing the spotlight and winning the hearts of many homeowners. This simple but elegant shelving idea makes kitchens look brighter and helps you organize things easier. Plus, it’s a great way of displaying all your beautiful kitchenware.

But aside from the aesthetics, what makes open shelving the next best thing to hit your kitchen?

Open shelves increase storage space.

Storage is an essential but undoubtedly important aspect a kitchen should have. After all, many things need to be kept.

However, your kitchenware doesn’t always have to be hidden. Instead, you can place them on open shelves, where others can easily see them. And when you do, organizing things become more manageable, and you can maximize the space provided. 

It makes your kitchen more open and inviting.

Open shelves make your kitchen cozier. And it makes guests feel more welcome and at home. Since everyone can see where everything is stored, moving around is more effortless. You can tell visitors to feel at home, and they can find what they need without having to ask you over and over.

However, this idea is not for every homeowner. While open shelves are open and inviting, you can still set boundaries and handle your kitchen in your way. Doing so won’t mean that your kitchen becomes brighter and looks more spacious when you opt for open shelving.

It’s easier to clean.

Seeing everything on open storage shelves makes cleaning easier since you can also see the dirt on them. Then, you can clean the shelves by wiping them. And you can clean as you go, meaning you wipe the shelf when you get or return something. It’s the best solution for preventing dust from accumulating.

Contrary to open shelves, you can only see dirt in closed ones or cabinets when you open them and look closely. Then, it would help if you took things out before starting cleaning.

It’s a cost-effective option.

Changing your kitchen storage into new ones can be expensive. However, you can choose a budget-friendly option with open shelving. 

Most open shelves are cheaper than kitchen cabinets. There are even some that you can put up by yourself. Plus, you can do it all in one day. They are indeed the fastest and most economical storage solutions for your kitchen.

It can double as your display case.

As mentioned, open shelves can show off your beautiful kitchenware. 

So, if you have elegant China and other beautiful glassware, why shut them behind your cupboards when you can display them on open shelves for everyone to admire?

Open shelves will undoubtedly take the crown in the kitchen regarding storage and aesthetics. And the reasons above are proof of it. So, it’s no wonder why this type of shelf is the first one you see when you search for shelving ideas on the web.

However, if this kind of storage system does not meet your needs or preference, know that there is another storage furniture you can opt for. And whatever style you choose, the most crucial consideration is the storage solution it provides. 

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