5 Things to Do After a Car Breakdown

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The steps to take in the case of a car breakdown have a lot to do with where it is driven. Rural highways and metropolitan-area freeways bring various issues and need different solutions to car breakdowns.

But no matter the setting, it is vital to use the car’s hazard lights to avoid being a road hazard to the rest of the drivers. Apart from using hazard lights, there are other things you may do, including:

1. Carefully Get out of Your Car

If you are unable to take your car out of the way, be sure to get out of the vehicle and stand away. Hold on until help comes.

You need to also keep a safe distance in case there is a sign of smoke. But don’t stand behind your car because it might roll at any time.

2. Seek Towing Service

If you already have roadside assistance coverage, you may reach out to your provider with the details on the membership card.

But if not, you may consider using internet access to look for a regional towing service provider for various reasons.

A good towing company uses strong straps, which are under safety protocols. Plus, many reliable towing companies work with qualified drivers who have knowledge about breakdown matters.

3. Assess the Issue

Generally, you should avoid exiting your car to assess the issue. But if you are in a safe position and not close to the road, consider exiting through the passenger’s side door.

If you have a chance to give your car an inspection before help comes, ensure you are on the lookout for various symptoms.

You can try to recall warning lights on the dash, that you might have seen flashing. Be sure to take note of abnormal readings, like engine temperature. Other things you may try to observe include:

  • Smell
  • Sounds

4. Determine Whether the You Can Fix the Issue

Modern cars break down mostly because of banal and simple reasons, such as having a dead battery or running out of gas.

If your vehicle breaks down because of these reasons, consider using a jumper cable to start the car again or add some fuel.

In order to check for car problems faster, you need to have a look at the vehicle’s dashboard and note warning lights before doing anything to it.

Modern vehicles with engines, which are monitored by computers, are vulnerable to some electronic failures. There is little you may do in terms of repairing, though you may try resetting the engine to restore its functionality.

5. Set up Safety Gear

Safety gear may include flares and reflective triangles. Every car must have these in the emergency kits for such a situation, and they should have the aforementioned items as well as other utility pieces.

An OBD2, air pressure gauges, flashlights, and jumper cables are also all important pieces to emergency kits you may use to service your car.

Final Remarks!

If your vehicle breaks down and you don’t have a cover, either as a standalone policy or car insurance, worry not.

You may still contact a towing company and request emergency assistance. While doing so, go to safety and use hazard lights to keep other drivers safe.

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