6 Reasons Why Amazon Prime Video is Awesome

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Launched in the year 2006 the Amazon Prime video or otherwise known as Prime Video is among the best streaming sites out there. As of April 2021, this streaming site has more than a 175million users who are streaming the site for watching stuff like films, TV series, sporting events, and both original as well as third-part movies and shows.

The Amazon Prime Video has many cool features which allow it to compete with the giants in the streaming world including Netflix and Hulu, etc. If you are thinking about subscribing to a streaming site, we suggest you go with Amazon Prime, and here are 6 reasons why Amazon Prime Video Is Awesome:

  1. Content Quality and Quantity

This streaming platform is filled with plenty of exciting movies and shows from a huge number of genres. The content quality and quantity both are up to the mark. Just like kimcartoon, all the shows and movies on Amazon Prime are in high HD resolution, which is also adjustable to your internet speed.

The diversity of content and variety of genres make Amazon Prime ideal for viewers of all ages. The site offers shows from genres like action, rom-com, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and many others which allows you to have endless fun.

  1. Buying and Renting Content

Amazon Prime Video allows you to rent or buy movies and shows so that you can watch these even when you are not connected to the internet. People love this feature since it allows them to watch their favorite shows with literally zero buffering or other interruptions.

The movies and shows are cheaper and anyone can afford to rent or buy these on Amazon Prime. This feature is quite useful in cases when you don’t have the time to watch a full movie at once and you have to go to a place with no internet connection for a few hours.

  1. Live Sports and Concerts

Amazon Prime Video also hosts plenty of sporting events including soccer, American football, tennis, and cricket tournaments which you can watch anywhere even with your smartphone.

This site also partners with various world-renowned singers and performers and streams their concerts live which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Thus, with Prime Video you will never get bored streaming online due to these exciting choices available at all times.

  1. Great Parental Controls

Amazon Prime Video has various cool parental control features which make sure your kid only watches stuff that is appropriate for their age and maturity level. You can make a separate account for your kids and put a PIN on your account so that your kids are only exposed to age-appropriate material.

There is also a screen time limitation feature that you can enable so that your kids do not waste all their time sitting in front of the TV. By having full control over what your young kids watch, you can make sure they stay away from violent or sexually explicit content and watch only fun and educating material that nurtures their minds.

  1. Six Simultaneous Accounts

Unlike many other free as well as paid services, Amazon Prime allows you to make six different profiles for the price of one. This means you will have six different watch lists, favorites, history sections based on different accounts.

The site allows you to stream content on 3 different devices at a time which means there will be no fighting over which stuff to watch anymore. This makes Amazon Prime a great choice for people with more family members who have different interests and personalities.

  1. Additional Benefits

If you go for Amazon Prime Video, you will get plenty of other benefits along with the excellent streaming as well. In just about $12.99 a month, you get unlimited content to watch in 4K and HDR resolution, free and quick delivery from Amazon, Twitch subscription, and music streaming.

All these features make Amazon Prime Video a great choice for so many people who regularly buy online stuff from Amazon.

 Final Thoughts

Amazon Prime Video has become so much popular these days for its excellent user experience and amazing content library. More and more users are turning to this streaming site every day since it gives them more control over their streaming experience and offers various additional services as well.

This is why we believe you need to subscribe to Prime Video to have the streaming experience of your life. Amazin prime is a cheaper yet a lot more effective streaming tool just like Moviesda and you need to try this out as soon as possible to see what it has to offer.

We really hope this stuff has helped you realize why you need to subscribe to this great service and what benefits come with this streaming platform.

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