7 of the Best: Valuable Applications for Bitumen Paint

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Bituminous paint is versatile, hardy, waterproof and suitable for a wide array of metal, concrete, asphalt and wood surfaces. What’s more, the benefits of bitumen paint go much further than merely improving surfaces’ looks:


Applying this specialised paint can effectively weatherproof non-porous surfaces in the long term. It’s odour-free, quick drying and anti-corrosive. Furthermore, it’s considerably cheaper compared to the alternative weather proofing methods on the market. 


It’s evident that bitumen paint is the optimal choice for protecting many exterior surfaces in domestic, commercial and industrial settings. But, where exactly can this powerful waterproofing paint deliver the greatest value? 


We’ve collated a list of seven valuable uses for bitumen paint for your reference. With a single, thorough coat, these everyday surfaces will benefit from lasting protection against the elements, corrosion, flaking and more besides. But, which surfaces made our list? Let’s take a look …

Flat Roofs 


If your flat roof is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, applying a coating of waterproof bitumen paint can make a world of difference. First, scrape off any moss and debris from your roof. Next, prepare the surface by applying a good-quality bitumen primer. 


Now, you’re ready to paint the roof with a bitumen covering. For an even greater level of protection and durability, you may wish to add a solar reflective coating, which will provide additional resistance to heat and UV light. 


Stairway Railings 


Bitumen paint’s waterproof, anti-corrosive, weatherproof properties make it an ideal covering for outdoor stairway railings. If you would like to protect railings in an outdoor setting, one application is all it takes. The covering is highly durable, so regardless of the level of footfall, your stairway railings should remain in good conditions for years to come – and longer still with timely bitumen paint reapplication. 




Bitumen can help to protect fences from harmful organisms, in addition to providing much-needed protection from inclement weather. Applying bitumen to wooden fencing will also help to boost its alkali and corrosion resistance. 

Fire Escapes 


Ideal for exterior metalwork fixtures such as fire escapes, bitumen paint can provide a lasting protective coating. It provides a black, shiny coating and effective, durable protection for the surface when applied. Once dry, it provides an odour and taint-free bitumen film. 



Your guttering goes through a lot, protecting your property from wastewater and diverting water away from your property. It also has to contend with the elements and is often exposed to adverse weather. An application of bitumen paint can bolster your guttering’s durability and add years to its lifespan. 

Storage Tanks 


As an odourless, contaminant-resistant coating, bitumen paint is also well-suited for painting water tanks (excluding drinking water tanks) and similar structures. 

Boat Hulls


Water resistance is a paramount concern among boat owners. Applying bitumen paint can help to safeguard boat hulls against everything they come up against on the waters. In order to provide optimal protection, we would advise re-coating every 3-4 years. 


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Before committing to a particular product, make sure to research its applications, suitability and cost. Also pay attention to the consumer reviews for the product and vendor. Once you have educated yourself on these factors, you should be ready to make an informed choice regarding the best product for the job. 


We hope you found our latest article helpful and now have a clear grasp of the benefits and applications of bitumen paint. Using the right paints, primers and sealers can boost the durability and lifespan of the surfaces at your property. No matter what project you’re currently working on, we wish you every success. 


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