8 iOS Apps That You Should Not Be Ignoring In 2021

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When it comes to mobile devices, there are only two prominent leading operating systems, and users of both are usually seen defending their choice. There is a never-ending and unreasonable rivalry between Apple and Android users and they both have their own reasons.

Apple smartphones are unique and smartly designed for executive use; still, some really great features are unexplored by its users. Apple’s App Store offers various download options for applications, however, some of its applications are still not known or are severely underrated. Today, we will discuss some of these amazing yet neglected iOS apps available for you on the Apple App Store.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an application of its own kind as it helps in computation and statistics. Most of the efficient robot applications cannot compete with Wolfram Alpha when it comes to statistical calculations.

The app consists of algorithms and equations ranging in all levels of difficulty. With calculations as basic as calculating factors to as complex as tricky chemical equations. Furthermore, the app even assists in matters like checking the current weather, finding out the local entertainment updates, and so much more.

Prisma Photo Editor

The most loved feature of any mobile device is its camera, but so many people are not satisfied with the usual picture because it doesn’t fulfill the artistic needs of human minds. Prisma understands exactly what the user wants and it turns the picture into amazing artwork.

Although, it has lost all the hype and did not reach the level it deserved. In its library, you even have access to more than 300 exceptional artistic concepts, all of which can instantly turn your memories into magnificent masterpieces.


NapBot helps analyze your sleep patterns and the gestures (tosses & turns) you make during sleep so that it can evaluate your sleep quality and give suggestions to improve it. Although it is a neglected iOS application by many, those who are using it can never skip on it and can tell you how important it is to be added to your routine. The app further offers useful features like heart rate monitoring, environmental sound analysis, and monitoring your daily sleep trends.


Skiplagged is increasing in popularity but is still a neglected iOS app as it deserves a larger audience due to the facility it provides. Skiplagged helps you compare the rates of all available flights near you so that you may be better able to decide what would be the most suitable and convenient to book.

The app properly elaborates all the tiny little details that you may need to know before booking your flights. Some of the most prominent of them include the number of layovers during flights, special booking deals, and notifications regarding all relevant price drops.

Cheatsheet Notes

Cheatsheet Notes may seem like an ordinary note-taking application, but the instant features it offers are a blessing to absent-minded people who even forget things after note-keeping because of the way it presents your notes or data.

In addition to managing all your notes, the app lets you easily pick up on all your important notes with the help of handy icons that remind you what the note was originally about. The app is further compatible with Siri so that you may not even need to touch the screen to find what you are looking for.

The Infatuation

Are you among those who could never decide where to eat and what to order? Then The Infatuation is a must-download because it not only gives proper details of all the available options, but it also categorizes the type of eateries so that it becomes easy to search your desired place. Alas! That it is still a neglected iOS application and unable to make its place in the market despite its individuality.

Fake Call

Fake Call is somewhat an unethical practice because it may cause inconvenience to the one receiving the actual “fake call”. The Fake Call application allows you to hide your identity and change your voice to call someone in or out of your social circle.

However, it can be a good prank to have a fun time with friends, it may help some criminals too to hide their identity while harassing the victim. This might conclude that neglecting this application is better.


If you’re already annoyed by unwanted advertisements or you want to keep your device safe from malicious advertisements, then 1Blocker is the app for you. 1Blocker helps you block all the unwanted advertisements and saves you from any inconvenience they can potentially cause.

You might even want to combine this app with a reliable internet service provider like Spectrum internet so that you have added reinforcement with regards to the privacy and security of your home network. You can simply log on to BuyTVInternetPhone to find out about the regional availability of such internet providers.

In a Nutshell

You may not have known about these phenomenal iOS apps, but all that is in the past. Now that you do know about them, it is time to decide which of these apps you are going to download on your iPhones and iPads first.

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