9 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles are not always significantly more dangerous than regular motor vehicles, but they are less protective. Due to this, bikers have an even larger responsibility to avoid accidents when they’re on the open road, as their life is put in a ton of danger even in smaller accidents. To help you avoid situations where accidents are more likely to occur, it’s useful to know what some of the top causes of motorcycle-involved accidents are. Here are nine of the most common causes of motorcycle-involved accidents:

1. Open Car Doors

Bikers failing to see car doors that are about to be opened can cause serious, devastating, and even deadly accidents. Most of the time, however, it is the car owner who is opening their door without checking for bikers or other vehicle owners. To avoid this type of accident, however, it’s best to always stay well out of the path of any potentially unopened car doors when you’re riding your motorcycle. If and when you are hurt in a motorcycle collision, you must seek qualified legal help right away.

2. Lane Splitting

Although many bikers still refuse to change their habits, this does not make the practice of lane splitting with other bikers any less dangerous. Additionally, lane splitting via driving between two separate lanes of traffic is equally as dangerous. Both of these practices lead to many bikers being seriously injured or killed every year, so avoiding these dangerous driving methods at all costs is critical to your safety.

3. Sudden Stops

Rear-end accidents are especially deadly for bikers. One of the top causes of rear-end accidents are sudden, or unexpected stops. By keeping plenty of space between you and other vehicles (at least three car lengths), you can give yourself the reaction time needed to avoid accidents caused by sudden or unexpected stops in 2022.

4. Inexperienced Drivers

Unfortunately, driving a bike takes much more skill and concentration than it does driving traditional motor vehicles. Due to this, inexperienced drivers who hop on their bike on the open road before taking enough training and safety courses has become one of the leading causes of bike-involved accidents. To ensure you do not get on the open road too soon as a beginner motorcyclist, you should always check with experienced cyclists to make sure they feel that you’re ready for this huge responsibility.

5. Speeding

Speed is one of the top killers on the road, both for motorcyclists and other vehicle owners. By following speed limits, and adjusting your speed when there is a crowded roadway, you can protect both your life and the life of others surrounding you. Knowing how fast you can drive while maintaining the potential reaction time necessary to adjust your speed in dangerous situations becomes especially essential.

6. Unsafe Lane Changes

Bikers risk colliding with other motorcyclists and vehicle owners when they fail to check their blind spots or use their signals when they are changing lanes. Whether it is you, or the other driver who fails to do so, it can lead to an accident that is much more likely to result in serious death or injury.

7. Motorcycle Defects

Poorly designed motorcycles remain one of the deadliest causes of motorcycle accidents. Buying only high-quality, well-maintained motorcycles is direly important due to this unfortunate fact. Getting regular repairs and maintenance on your motorcycle is incredibly important to keep yourself and others on the road protected as well.

8. Dangerous Road Conditions

Whether it be potholes, debris, inclement weather, unposted warnings, or crumbling pavement, dangerous road conditions have remained a top cause of motorcycle-involved road accidents in 2022. Being extra careful and staying aware of your surroundings is the best way to avoid accidents in this arena. If you’re already aware that a road has many dangerous defects or obstacles, you should simply avoid riding your motorcycle on them at all until the conditions are corrected.

9. DUI

Driving under the influence remains one of the deadliest causes of accidents in 2022. With motorcycles, driving under the influence can lead to even more sudden accidents, as it takes much less of a distraction or dip in consciousness to lose control of a bike. Accidents that result from DUIs are also much more likely to seriously injure, or even kill, those who are on motorcycles. Just say no, and keep you and others on the road safe from the devastating impact of DUIs in 2022. Victims of DUI accidents should always seek quality legal help to ensure they’re protected.

Keep Safe and Avoid Accidents in 2022

By knowing the top causes of motorcycle-involved accidents, you are much more likely to avoid them during your time on the open road in 2022. Even if you feel that you’re a hyper-safe biker, there’s always room to improve your skills, so taking regular riding and safety courses is something you should consider looking into. Doing so could help you save a life, after all.

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