9 Facts About Softball That’ll Surprise You

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Did you know softball was initially an indoor sport? Invented by George Hancock, a journalist, the first game ever was played in 1887. The following year the game was moved outside, giving us a preview of softball today.

But how many facts about softball do you know? This exciting game has many hidden secrets and fun softball facts many don’t know about.

Whether you love watching softball or playing softball, you should still read this guide to learn about nine fantastic softball facts you didn’t know about.

1. The First World Softball Championship Was in 1965

You would think the first world softball championship tournament was in America, but it was actually in Melbourne, Australia. The first world softball championship was an all-women’s tournament played in 1965.

2. Softball Made Its Olympic Debut in 1996

In 1996, softball became an Olympic medal sport. US Olympic team member and orthopedic surgeon Dot Richardson hit the game running home run in the gold medal game.

Every single softball fastpitch game in the 1996 Olympics was completely sold out. Disappointedly softball left the Olympics in 2005 but made a triumphant return in 2020.

3. Softball Is Safe for Kids

Softball is among one of the safest sports your children can compete in. The American Academy of Pediatrics rates softball injuries as much lower when compared to other sports.

4. Softball Is Number One

Today more than 40 people in America play softball every single summer. This makes softball the number one team sport in the US.

Softball is also a hugely popular college sport, with the Women’s College World Series taking place in the summertime. You can check out available WCWS tickets now to secure a game for the future!

5. Softball Has Had Many Different Names

Although softball has been around for a long time now, its name has gone through many changes. In the past, you might have seen it referred to as mushball, kitten ball, diamond ball, pumpkin ball, or cabbage ball.

6. Softball Has a Hall of Fame

Did you know that softball has a hall of fame? The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) maintains the hall of fame for all softball players. The hall of fame honors famous softball players both past and present and has inducted 197 players to date.

7. Softball Is Played Worldwide

Softball isn’t just loved in America. People in over 140 countries play softball all over the world. The World Baseball Softball Confederation is even located in Switzerland and is home to the International Olympics Committee.

8. Mushball Is Still in Chicago

An older version of softball using a 16-inch softball called mushball is still played in Chicago today. A larger and softer ball is used, and no mitts are permitted. It’s easy to forget the original softball style was hands-on.

9. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan Played Softball

Elena Kagan joined the United States Supreme Court in 2010, but prior to that, she was busy playing softball at her University of Chicago Law School. Justice Kagan played the original style of softball as it originated in Chicago.

Facts About Softball

Now that you’ve learned these fun facts about softball, you’ll never look at a softball game the same way again.

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