A guide to choosing the best coffee powder in India

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Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages enjoyed by many, last year recorded close to 165 million bags of coffee consumed worldwide.

It is a special type of brewed drink that is made from coffee beans that are roasted. Selecting the best coffee powder needs the task of choosing a brand with an attractive and soothing flavor.

Though the preferences of individuals may vary, the type of coffee beans that are used to build this pleasant drink, the drying process, and the use of different flavors may all help to meet numerous types of preferences.

The best coffee powder is produced by brewing roasted beans of coffee plants of a large amount and then processing the final product and packing it for sale.

If you prefer instant coffee, then all the ingredients are already mixed with the coffee powder and you just have to mix it with hot water to get your desired drink.

The main characteristics of the best coffee powder lie mainly within the nature of the coffee beans. Indian coffee is widely known to be one of the finest coffees that grow in the shade instead of direct sunlight.

So, to choose the best coffee powder in India you need to give a careful look at the important characteristics of the coffee powder.


Characteristics of the best coffee powder

  1. The Acidity of the coffee

Acidity is known to be the dry and bright taste of a drink. Kenyan coffees are really acidic in taste as most of them are wet-processed.

However, the dry-processed ones have acidity that is low-toned. Also, high acidity is not good in the coffee known as Espresso.

Acidity is related to those coffee beans that grow at places having very high altitudes and in those regions that are full of mineral-rich volcanic soils. The acidic nature of the washed coffees is also much higher than the acidity of the dry or natural processed coffees.

The acidic nature of any coffee also depends on the degree of roasting, brewing method as well as the type of the roaster.

  1. The flavor of the coffee

Flavour is the overall evaluation of the drink that includes its features like the taste, smell, aftertaste, etc.

  1. Body

The body actually refers to the weight of the coffee that you can feel by allowing the drink to rest on the tongue or you can also rub your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The different body types can be light, thin, heavy, etc. It actually results from the amount of fat present in the coffee.

  1. The aroma of the coffee

The aroma of the coffee generally develops due to the mixture of the compounds present in the brew.

  1. The aftertaste of the drink

The aftertaste is a special sensation that you can experience after you swallow the coffee. The aftertaste mainly refers to how long it usually takes from the initial aroma or sensation on the back area of your throat to its complete loss.

  1. Bitter taste

Bitterness is another feature of the best coffee powder. This also depends on the brewing procedure of the drink. In some cases, the process of decaffeination is done to reduce the bitterness of coffee slightly. However, you can select the drink and its bitterness as per your own choices.


Thus, all of these characteristics of the widely popular drink coffee will help you a lot in your struggle to choose the best coffee powder in India.

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