Advice for Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Home


The proper way to clean a house. That’s it; you need to rest. You get up early, work long hours, bring the kids home, make dinner, feed the pets, do their laundry, check the calendar, assist with homework, and put them to bed. It’s time to clean up the house finally. Ignore that! And you say. The best guide to finding house cleaner.

You might think someone has to do it, but it won’t be me. The problem is that you need someone to clean your house, but you’re too exhausted to do it yourself because your husband works long hours and your children only have time to do the bare minimum. So now is an excellent time to hire a cleaning service to come to your home. But not just any old maid service will do. You demand top quality.

Yes, a good cleaning service pays attention to your requests and concerns. They aren’t just out to clean your house; quite the opposite! They intend to clean it so thoroughly that you can relax on your couch or recliner when you get home. You also weren’t the one responsible. They were flexible in their cleaning schedule to accommodate your needs. We focused extra effort on the issues that are most pressing for you. Protect the surfaces around your home by only using mild cleaning products.

You can do your evening’s “other” responsibilities without distraction because you still haven’t swept the floor, dusted the fence, or cleaned the bathroom. Everything is where it should be. Pure and invigorating. Relaxed. Chill.

You counter that your neighbor, who uses a cleaning service, constantly complains about how dirty the house is after it has been cleaned. That’s weird, huh? Sure, that makes sense. After paying professional house cleaners, you might expect them to leave your home spotless. There is nothing more annoying. Well. Sockets on the hamper or a full dishwasher are acceptable exceptions. The point, however, is clear.

Unfortunately, many cleaning staff lack the skills to do their jobs effectively. Consider this. The standard service only provides rudimentary training and pays its employees the bare minimum. The assumption is that domestic cleanliness is a given. What’s the worst that could happen if you get some 409 and a rag? The truth is that cleaning is labor-intensive and requires attention to detail. You can’t just sweep the floor, run the vacuum cleaner over the furniture, and wipe down the counters before you leave. No. It goes far beyond that.

You should hire a maid service that stands out from the rest of the pack. You need to find a feature that sets you apart from the competition. Can you explain that? Do I need a new maid service? Can we get a faster one? A sluggish one? Do we need a bigger crew? The most pricey franchise organization? Upgraded chemistry? In a word, no. I recommend that you hire a maid service to clean your home.

Bare bones. Don’t be duped by glossy brochures, clever marketing, or pushy salespeople. You need an honest-to-goodness local maid service that respects your time and thoroughly cleans your home according to your specifications. One where you can come home each week and sigh relief because your house is clean again. Yes. Tidy. Refreshing. Nice aroma. Ummm.

As you probably already know, many residential cleaning services take a strict stance toward the people who hire them. Odd, right? A representative from the cleaning service you’re considering is coming out to explain their process. Well, it’s great that they’ll vacuum the carpet instead of raking it, and it’s also great that they use gentle cleaning rags instead of harsh green scrub pads. Every week, they’ll focus on cleaning a different section of the building thoroughly. But suppose that isn’t what you desire. They may not be flexible enough with your schedule if you need to clean some areas deep twice a month while doing the rest yourself.

Did they use fresh rags on your home, or were the same ones used to clean the previous client’s toilet and now your counters? Are they damp mopping your hardwood floors? You could use scouring pads on your stainless steel stove if you wanted to.

And I could go on and on about this! However, I refuse to do so. I think you know what it is you want. It would help if you had house cleaners who would respect your needs and work around your schedule and any other requirements you may have.

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