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Today I will show you some interesting Airy Clothing Reviews that will make you decide either to use their service or not, let’s get started…

Before I start showing you the interesting Airy Clothing Reviews, let’s see what’s Airy clothing and what they are offering.

Airy clothing is obviously a clothing website, it’s for both women’s and men’s clothing. Airy has a consumer rating of 3.94 stars out of 517 reviews, suggesting that most consumers are pleased with their purchases.

Customers that are pleased with Airy often highlight excellent service, high quality, and internet purchasing. Airy is ranked 88th in the Women’s Clothing category.

Airy Clothing Reviews

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Some Positive Reviews

Now, let me show you what’s good about Airy clothing from some of the Airy clothing reviews from the users…

1 . OUTSTANDING SUPPORT FROM THE COMPANY CARE DEPARTMENT This is the first time I’ve purchased clothing from this website. I’d give no stars if I could. The thing I bought took three months to arrive.

Not only were none of the moulds described in the kit included, but I couldn’t even read the small bottle of resin that came with it. I mean, it’s 1oz. Also, it was not as advertised. It only came with one alphabet mould.

I’m disappointed. Don’t do business with these individuals. I contacted customer service, and Jimmy was helpful and prompt in addressing my issue.

2 . I’ve previously bought from this company and have loved everything I’ve received, receiving more praises than anything else I’ve ever worn. I just placed another order for more than $100, so do you think I’d order again if I wasn’t satisfied?

Maybe I simply got fortunate, but I’m hoping for the same with my future order. Purchased for me, my closest friend, and my mother. Please don’t disappoint me. I believe you’re fantastic.

3 . For the first time, I used Airydress to buy clothing to store in my camper for road trips. Delighted with my order.

it arrived 5 days after I placed my order, beautifully packaged – each item in its reusable zip-top bag – and then all carefully packaged into one box, each item is exactly as shown on the website and fits beautifully.

Items are true to size and of really good quality I’ve now placed an order for a coat and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thank you, Airydress, from a very satisfied client.

After you see these Airy Clothing Reviews, you must think that they are amazing, cheap, and perfect. But unfortunately, the bad reviews recently are more than the good ones, let me show you…

Airy Clothing Reviews: Negative reviews

1 . Such beautiful items, but when they arrived, most did not look like the images, extremely thin fabric, I bought a coat, which arrived with no pockets, no lining, and no washing or fabric labels.
This is unlawful in the United Kingdom. Trading Standards have been notified.

2 . I should have known to read Airy clothing reviews before purchasing the product. I bought four gowns, and none of them resembled the photos on the internet. They were so poor that one of the costumes appeared to have been made by a five-year-old.

The seam did not match, resulting in an uneven surface. The outfit is unsuitable for wearing. The outfits are all tiny and fragile. I wish I could give it no stars since they do not deserve the one I did.

3 . I bought a few outfits, a blouse, and a pair of shorts. Nothing looked like it was pictured, and the cloth was as cheap as thin as it could be.

Overall, the quality is bad. I’m disappointed. I was quite excited to receive these goods. Now all I must do is wait for them to be returned.

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Is Airy clothing legit?

Airy Clothing is an international e-commerce firm with headquarters in the United Kingdom. Their warehouses are currently located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Australia, and China.