An Honest Ladyoho Review That May Change Your Mind

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Orders not arriving, scams, very Low trust score from the website, what’s happening?

That’s what we will figure out in our Ladyoho Review, we will go through the history of the website and tell you exactly why the website is this bad, and we will show you some reviews from customers that will guide you, let’s get started.

Ladyoho Review

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Pros and Cons of Ladyoho

  • has its mail server. This is a promising indicator, but it is not a certainty.
  • HTTPS protocol was discovered. It shields users from man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, which may be launched from hacked or unsecured networks.
  • makes use of the Shopify platform which can be counted as a trusted website.

We have seen the good things, let’s look at the worst things about Ladyoho, and why most of the reviews are so bad:

  • is a new website It is almost always a terrible omen. Most scam websites utilize fresh domain names. Date registered:2019-11-15
  • is not well-known.
  • is suspected of being a SPAM source.

Ladyoho Reviews: Know Why!

Now, let’s see some of the bad and good reviews to decide whether we want to use Ladyoho or not.

Positive Reviews:

Honestly, there are almost no good reviews on Ladyoho, that’s one of the weirdest websites having so bad reputation that I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, let’s get to the bad or negative reviews to see why people hate Ladyoho so much!

Negative Reviews:

  • If I could, I’d give it 0 stars. They sent three similar gowns, and I’m waiting to learn how I can obtain a refund. Furthermore, the colors are not as depicted on their website. They take a long time, and the product is low-quality and incorrect.
  • Sad, Sad, Sad!!!!! Poor quality! There is no customer service!!! My team lost, but they won’t have to worry about it anymore!! Everyone should read these reviews because they are all TRUE!!! TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!
  • I placed an order for two dresses, and when I opened the packages, one was fine and the other was not, so I did what they asked in the policy and immediately notified them that I was returning the dress, which I did on the 4th of February, and I have tried to e-mail them, but it keeps bouncing back, so now I have filed a dispute with PayPal! After this, I won’t bother looking anywhere else!
  • Four goods were sent in three shipments over many months. The item quality is NOT what the photographs show – it is badly built and made of low-grade materials.Regardless of whether the item photographs persuade you to assume they are American or similar, they are made inexpensively by a Chinese manufacturer. DO NOT BE CONNED. They must grab photographs from web stores and re-create them, using the original photos as ‘theirs’ – DO NOT BE CONNED.

One thing was different from what I had bought. It’s been tough to convince them to just give me a refund (without submitting images of each item, with justifications, etc.). The first thing was ordered in May, and the last item was received in September.

They communicate a bit, but not well, and there is no resolution. It was quite disappointing. Instead of getting enthused about their ‘interesting apparel,’ I should have used ‘buyer beware and read reviews beforehand.


Should I use Ladyoho?

Honestly, no! don’t use Ladyoho, from most of the reviews if not all, it’s bad and it has a very bad reputation that you better avoid, there must be a problem with the company, late deliveries, bad qualities, and other bad stuff.

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