Araucana Chickens: Photos, Information, Traits and Care Information

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White araucana hen spots you while roaming amongst fresh green grass

The Araucana hen is a enjoyable and fascinating hen breed with an excellent temperament and exquisite blue eggs. Nevertheless, these chickens include some critical well being dangers, which makes them comparatively unpopular for being such total beautiful chickens. Should you’re excited by average egg-layers that create distinctive eggs, then the Araucana could also be an excellent hen for you, however hold studying to be taught extra about necessary issues to take with this breed.

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Fast Information About Araucana Chickens

Breed Identify:Araucana
Place of Origin:Chile
Makes use of:Egg-laying, pets
Rooster (Male) Dimension:1.6–1.9 kilos (bantam), 5.9–7 kilos (massive)
Hen (Feminine) Dimension:1.5–1.7 kilos (bantam), 4.4–5.9 kilos (massive)
Colour:Black, black-breasted pink, golden duckwing, silver duckwing, white
Lifespan: 6–10 years
Local weather Tolerance:Average warmth, cold-hardy
Care Degree:Average

Araucana Hen Origins

The Araucana originated within the South American nation of Chile. They’re believed to have originated in an space known as the Gulf of Arauco, which gave the breed its title. It’s unclear if the breed got here to be from birds that had been native to South America or in the event that they’re descendants of chickens delivered to South America by Europeans throughout the time of Columbus. It wasn’t till the Thirties that the breed started to make large strides outdoors of South America, although. They had been used to create a extra in style and health-stable breed, the Ameraucana.

Female Araucana chicken breed in the garden
Picture Credit score: KanphotoSS, Shutterstock

Araucana Hen Traits

This breed has a number of distinguishing traits, one among which is ear tufts. Though the breed normal requires the tufts to be current on each side of the pinnacle and to match in form and dimension, they’ll are available a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some Araucanas solely have a single ear tuft. These ear tufts are related to a deadly gene that leads to the demise of embryos and younger chicks who inherit the gene from each of their dad and mom.

The Araucana lacks a tailbone, which frequently leads to it being known as a rumpless hen breed. Sadly, this lack of a tailbone leads to reproductive difficulties in these birds, with some birds utterly unable to naturally reproduce. The tailbone is necessary for chickens as a result of it permits them to maneuver their tail feathers out of the best way for breeding functions, however birds with out this bone lack this means partially or fully.

Maybe essentially the most distinctive attribute of this breed is their blue eggs. Consider a barely duller robin’s egg. Their cousin, the Ameraucana, additionally lays blue eggs, however they’ve a tailbone and lack ear tufts.

Makes use of

Araucana chickens are primarily saved for his or her egg production, particularly since their eggs are eye-catching and fascinating. They have a tendency to solely lay throughout the hotter months of the 12 months, although, so most Araucana hens solely lay 150–250 eggs per 12 months. The massive model of this breed is also used for meat, but it surely’s not preferrred since they aren’t bred for this objective.

Many individuals who hold Araucana chickens hold them merely as pets. They’re extraordinarily people-oriented birds that appear to genuinely get pleasure from human interplay, typically in search of out folks they’re accustomed to for consideration. They’re additionally an excellent choice for pest management when allowed to free roam.

Look & Varieties

There are solely 5 colours which might be accepted as a part of the Araucana breed normal with the American Poultry Affiliation for big Araucanas, whereas bantam Araucanas have six colours.

For giant Araucana chickens, they are often strong black or white, and for bantam Araucana chickens, they may also be strong buff. Black-breasted pink is extra in step with the normal thought of what a rooster seems like, though hens may also be this shade.

Golden and silver duckwing birds have black on the pinnacle and rump, however the again, wings, and a part of the breast are gold or silver. For different poultry associations, there are a number of different acceptable colours, together with lavender, blue, blue-red, spangled, and cuckoo.

Araucana chicken breed
Picture Credit score: MelaniMarfeld, Pixabay


Though uncommon within the US, the Araucana hen isn’t thought of to be an at-risk breed. They are often extraordinarily troublesome to search out within the US, regardless that they’re cold-hardy and tolerant of average warmth. They’re not an excessively in style breed because of the well being issues related to breeding them. It’s for these causes that the Ameraucana is extra in style within the US.

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Are Araucana Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

The Araucana is usually a nice breed for anybody with lots of area and a want for chickens which might be excited by being round folks. They do require particular care relating to breeding, so it’s essential to be ready to be chargeable for these chickens if you happen to intend to breed them and to analysis find out how to breed them responsibly. Their blue eggs would make a enjoyable addition to your native Saturday morning farmer’s market, although!

Featured Picture Credit score: Vampyre Zen, Shutterstock

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