Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review: Is It Worthy?

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Today in our Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review, we will review the product very quickly to let you know and decide either it’s worthy or not, let’s get started.

Assos’ superb Mille GT bibs are intended for the racer who requires peak performance for extended days in the saddle.

Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review

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Mille’s second version is an all-new bib short with a new double-layer pad insert, fatigue-reducing compressive material, and a revised fit, according to the Swiss company.

The distinctive elasticated ‘Xbib’ straps on these lightweight summer bibs set them apart. These don’t have mesh uppers and sit flat against the body, crossing across in an X shape at the back to give strong support.

In the pad, Assos employs their GTS C2 summer insert. It’s made of double-layer, dual-density memory foam with a honeycomb-style top layer.

Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review: The thin and lightweight Ossidia fabric used across the legs provides minimal compression while remaining highly flexible, which is claimed to assist improve blood flow and prevent muscular tiredness. The legs are held in place by wide bands with a minimum silicone gripper.

Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review: The Performance

The GTs are comfortable to wear, and all its components work well together once you start pedaling, no matter how long your trip is.

The C2 pad is somewhat broader than some, yet this goes entirely undetected in the seat, providing greater comfort even on longer rides. The honeycomb top layer breathes nicely, and the tiny holes at the front keep your undercarriage cool.

The strap method is unusual in appearance, but it works well. Because the broad straps fit nicely and flow organically with you, I was completely oblivious of them while riding. They keep the shorts in place properly whether you’re in the saddle or sprinting, giving the first-rate ride.

Unlike other compression shorts, the GTs aren’t too tight yet still give adequate support. Even on the warmest rides, the Ossidia fabric breathes wonderfully, and the leg bands do their job well.

Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review: The Quality

Most of the Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Reviews agree that without a question, one of the most essential criteria we evaluate when purchasing motorcycles, components, accessories, or apparel is quality.

It is, as you might expect, extremely crucial while purchasing Shorts–Cycle. Let’s look at some of the factors you may look at to determine the quality of Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts.

Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review: The first consideration is material. Looking at the materials used to make Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts can give you a fair sense of the overall quality. You should be able to see the material if you look at the specs above. It is then up to you to choose whether it fits your expectations.

Similarly, you should spend some time looking at the features. Again, the table above, outlining the characteristics, will provide you with an excellent summary.

However, you should consider the characteristics you would like in a new Shorts – Cycle. It’s a good idea to make a list of “must-have” features so you don’t wind up compromising and missing out on key features or buying an overly high-specced product.

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What’s the average price for the Assos Mille Gt Bib?

Chain Reaction Cycles has 545 shorts in the category Shorts – Cycle. In our Assos Mille Gt Bib Shorts Review, we looked at the average price of the items in this category and discovered that it is £76.68, which puts it above average at £115.

It might be useful to look at how much pricing can change. Especially when creating a budget or attempting to determine how much you could spend on Shorts–Cycle. The most costly product currently offered was £310.00, while the lowest we could locate was £9.13.

With 545 items available, we calculated that 68 were more expensive than Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts and 474 were less expensive.

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