Bangkok Accommodation in Yenakart


Real estate agents operating in the Thai funds often get asked which areas in Bangkok are the best choice for ex-pats. The thing is, there isn’t any straightforward answer to this issue because lifestyles and anticipation are subjective. With that in mind, the actual short answer has to be there is no ideal place to have an ex-pat living in Bangkok.

Not every Homes and Neighbourhood Are generally Equal

Some people prefer to contemplate high-rise condominiums all-around busy, vibrant areas similar to Asoke or Nana, experiencing great city views via living room windows. Others may well like the more intimate experience of a low-rise condo or maybe an apartment in the city’s more silent parts of town like About Nut.

However, for those ex-pats working in Bangkok’s CBD, spot and easy access to their place of work is imperative. This may indicate they have to be practical perhaps in addition to being picky when looking for overnight accommodation. For them, the Sathorn spot is often the preferred location, along with Yenakart is a very good choice.

Typically the Yenakart / Sathorn Section

Quiet, green, and centrally placed with easy access for you to Rama 3 Expressway, Ramal 4 Road, Sathorn Path, and Narathiwat Road, helps it be actually quite difficult to find a far more centrally placed location throughout Bangkok than Yenakart.

It is additionally important to note that Yenakart possesses three points of access via Bangkok’s public transportation network. The initial and original one could be the Chong Nonsi BTS (Skytrain) station, which is only a few minute drives from the key Yenakart area. Closer ‘s still the Lumpini MRT (Metro) station, located near Q-House Lumpini (a 38-story business building set on the corner of Sathon and Rama 4 roads). From Q-House, residents could reach most of the condos stated in this article within a 15 small walk. And finally, there’s the harder recently opened Yenakart BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) stop on the Bangkok BRT range.

Now let’s take a look at the accommodation available in Yenakart.

Typically the Resort Yenakart

Fortunately, Yenakart has a complete range of overnight accommodations on offer, from low-cost companies starting at around thirteen, 000 THB/Mo, to stunning, spacious three-bed condo properties, renting out for a hundred, 000 THB/Mo and previously mentioned. However, let’s begin by considering the smaller, low-cost units being offered at The Resorts Yenakart, positioned in the Yan Nawa area of Bangkok.

One room unit here can be got for as little as 15, 000 THB/Mo, but the better supplied, the more attractive rooms will be charged up to 18, 000 THB/Mo. Resort Yenakart is a low-rise condominium housing a total of 308 condo units. A number of the condo facilities include:

Huge swimming pool
Attractive grounds and also gardens
Fitness room
Spa/steam room
Tiny Mart
Reception Area
Included Parking
24hr security
The particular Resorta represents a great benefit for those wanting to live in the particular Bangkok CBD area.

Sathorn Plus Condominiums by Sansiri

Moving up in terms of price are usually another two fine low-rise condominium buildings: the Sathorn Plus on the Pond and also Sathorn Plus by the Yard, both of which are located on the major Yenakart road. These condo properties are built by Sansiri (one of the largest real estate designers in Thailand) and offer functional living in the Yenakart location.

Some of the typical facilities for each and every of these Sathorn Plus accommodations include:

Car parking
Fitness bedroom
Multi-Purpose Room
Roof-top share
Shady garden area
24 hr security with CCTV in addition to Security Key Card Access Management
The 50sqm one-bed sections at these Sansiri houses rent out for approximately 24, 000 THB/Mo at the time of writing, along with the studios are slightly inexpensive at just 17, 000 THB/Mo.

Baan Sirisathorn, Yenakat

Placed not far from the two low-grow buildings above is Baan Sirisathorn. This is yet another high-class low rise building, giving grade-A living to citizens.

As with the other low-rise types of hotels in this area, there is a nice feeling of both intimacies and a level of quality about the place. Fitted available with solid wooden flooring surfaces, powder-coated window support frames, and top-quality fixtures along with fittings throughout, these sections really are something else.

At the time of creation, the 35sqm studio condo properties here rent for about something like 20, 000 THB/Mo. A 55sqm one-bedroom goes for roughly 30, 000 THB/Mo, as well as the 80sqm two-bedroom products for 40, 000 THB/Mo. Condo facilities include:

Party Area
Undercover Parking
Roof-Top Swimming Pool
Roof-Top Sun Veranda
Roof Top Fitness Facilities
24 Hour Security
Baan Siri Sathorn is a cozy residence making for a perfect home for ex-pats working in CBD.

The Lanai Condominium

As mentioned earlier, Yenakart has accommodations to suit any varied selection of tastes, costs, and requirements. If you like standard South East Asian variations and oriental architecture, then a Lanai could be the perfect spot for you.

This exclusive residence is an eight-story minimal-rise project with just simply 34 one-and-a-couple-bed units in total. Often the Lanai offers its prospects a very unusual choice with Bangkok living.

Indisputably a new high-end building with an authentic five-star quality feel into the place, the Lanai gives you residents a peaceful, destination-style experience, not distinct to what you might expect for a luxury retreat in a Hawaiian location such as Samui, Phuket, or even Bali in Negara sendiri.

The condos at the Lanai are huge, with several bedroom units being through 250sqm. Even the two sleeping quarters units are above 200sqm. Oozing quality and affluence, the Lanai condos usually are bright, airy, and stylish. Facilities include:

Covered Car parking (2 spaces reserved)
Health and fitness center
Roof Garden
Swimming Pool and also Deck
24-hour Security together with CCTV
The moment you the particular lobby, it’s as though you have already been transported far away from Bangkok and miraculously set lower at a beautiful five-star vacation resort along the Andaman Sea or perhaps the Gulf of Thailand. It truly is fair to say that this top-quality residence offers something that no other Bangkok condominium building can easily do.

Obviously all this space, high-class, and hi-so lifestyle provide a price. With rents inside the neighborhood of around a hundred, 000 THB/Mo for a three-bedroom unit, it will just be Bangkok’s high earners who also get to reside at the special Lanai Condominium.

The Conclusion

Apparently, this little-known and infrequently forgotten corner of Bangkok known as Yenakart actually delivers ex-pats a great deal of choice in addition to convenience. With easy access to the BTS Skytrain, MRT Neighborhood, and the Bangkok BRT process, it’s amazing this component of the town remains somewhat of a hidden gem. Additionally, those ex-pats who own a car might also easily access Rama 5 road, Rama 3 route, the Narathiwat road, the Sathorn route, and the Rama 3 Highway.

Going back to our opening sentence, where we said you will discover no districts in Bangkok which are most suitable for ex-pats, perhaps there are after all, along with perhaps it’s Yenakart!

Amorn Suramongkol is passionate about Thai real estate investment and Thai architecture. The woman writes useful and beneficial articles about Bangkok’s real estate investment. Her pieces are devoted to helping Thailand’s ex-pats come across homes to either rent or buy in South East Asia’s award-winning city.

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