Best Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles


If you are facing a civil matter in Los Angeles, consulting with an attorney is recommended. Not only will they review your case and inform you of all potential solutions, but they can also represent you if a suit is filed – saving both time and money in the process!

Business litigation attorneys specialize in handling disputes that arise within businesses, real estate, contracts and personal relationships. With their knowledge and skill set, they are able to quickly, more effectively and cost-effectively resolve complex problems than if you tried it on your own.

Alan Tavelman

Los Angeles boasts many highly skilled attorneys who are adept at preparing individuals and businesses for any legal situation that may arise. These professionals possess a deep knowledge of their profession, as well as expertise in crafting documents to safeguard their clients’ assets and livelihoods.

However, there is a special breed of attorney that goes above and beyond to represent their clients in court – the litigator. These professionals possess unique talents that enable them to compete with judges and jury members – often with great success.

Alan Tavelman is one of the premier litigation lawyers in Los Angeles with over two decades of experience representing clients as a litigator. His practice areas include employment law, business law, immigration and personal injury claims.

As a lawyer, he takes pride in thoroughly researching each case to uncover all relevant facts and then seizing upon opportunities that arise. Furthermore, his calm and transparent demeanor ensures his clients understand every step of the legal process.

Michele Kendall

A qualified attorney can prepare an individual or business for any legal matters that could arise. Furthermore, they have the expertise necessary to craft documents that safeguard a client’s assets and livelihoods.

If you’re involved in a contract dispute with another person or business, having the right lawyer on your side is paramount. A Los Angeles-based civil lawyer can evaluate your case, decide if filing a lawsuit makes sense and help you comprehend all available options.

Experienced Los Angeles business litigation lawyers know how to efficiently navigate your dispute through arbitration and trial, finding the optimal resolution that meets your objectives. Structure Law Group attorneys offer constructive guidance and cost-effective representation through their legal expertise and commitment to their clients’ needs.

Gina Tennen

Gina Tennen is an accomplished litigator and legal strategist, as evidenced by her impressive winning record and impressive results. She has successfully handled high-profile, complex cases across America with remarkable results.

She has a deep-seated commitment to criminal defense and smarter, more effective sentencing practices. Recently, she collaborated with Garrick Byers – a Fresno County public attorney and author of the treatise on Public Safety Realignment – in an effort to inform California’s defense attorneys on the new, dramatic changes coming in our criminal and sentencing laws.

As Executive Managing Attorney at LibertyBell Law Group, she serves as the lead litigator and strategist in both civil and criminal cases. She has earned a reputation for her exceptional ability to defend clients against various crimes and civil matters such as business litigation, negotiation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Dmitry Gorin

Dmitry Gorin is a trial lawyer with more than ten years of experience. He specializes in criminal defense and is a State-Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

He has tried over 100 jury trials and won 94 percent of them. This extensive experience makes him a formidable ally in felony and misdemeanor cases throughout Southern California courts, including death penalty murder, drug crimes, white collar crime cases and juvenile court.

His work has been featured in the media, such as the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, ABC, NBC and Court TV. Additionally, he provides legal commentary for North Mission Road radio show and lectures regularly at Pepperdine University School of Law and UCLA.

He is a partner at Eisner Gorin LLP, an award-winning boutique law firm with an AV-Preeminent Rating that handles serious felony and misdemeanor cases in state and federal courtrooms nationwide. Both partners are State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialists – an honor bestowed upon less than 1% of attorneys in the state of New Jersey.