Best Shapewears like Spanx for Lower Belly in 2022

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Body shape is harder to maintain with your belly in between. You can try shapewear like Spanx for Lower Belly that can satisfy your demands. Your lower belly is packed inside the products that give you a better shape. Even after regular exercise and diet control, lowering your belly can be tough. But you do not have to worry because of the products like Spanx. In this article, we will see some brands and products that shape your lower body perfectly. These products are useful to anybody who faces trouble hiding their lower belly. Let us see some of the best Spanx products for the lower body in this article.

The BestShapewear fromSpanx for lower belly

1. Spanx Oncore Shaper:

One of the ways of reducing your lower belly is to use products like the Spanx Oncore shaper. It is an easy way to look in perfect shape even with your belly fat. The features of this Oncore shaper are liked by people who have tried it. It is a women’s brand, that is shaping one butt at a time. This Spanx product is a high waist shaper that covers your belly and makes you look slimmer. The best features of this Oncore shaper are:

  • It comes in many sizes
  • It gives a squeeze-free slim waist
  • Has booty enhancing packets

2. Spanx Everyday Shaping panties

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Price: 22$

Size: S-XL

Would you not love to give shape to your belly and look good every day? If yes, then these Spanx everyday panties are for you. You can be comfortable and feel as good as you look in these inner wears. These panties are available in light colors that you can wear any day. They are light in weight and can cover your lower belly a little. Women who do not wish to wear anything heavy love these panties from Spanx. Some of the best features of this everyday shaping panties from Spanx are:

  • Shapes your belly every day
  • It feels light on your skin
  • Have minimal stitching

You can visit the official website of Spanx and grab these everyday panties affordably.

3. Spanx Higher Power Short

spanx for lower belly

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Price: 38$

Size: S-3X

The Spanx High power short is among the comfortable product for a woman. It looks so tight but is squeeze free. It would hide your lower body in it and make you look as slim as a petite. It shapes your lower body and perfectly hides your extra fat. It has a high-waist design that covers your stomach and fits perfectly. It is soft and lightweight to wear at all times.

How to choose products like Spanx for Lower Belly

Many well-known brands obsess with comfort and shape your lower belly. Some other products like Spanx shapewear that you can try are:

  • HoneyLove Super Power Short
  • Rago High Waist Shapewear
  • Sims Power Mesh High Waist Thong
  • Shapemint High Waisted Shaper Shorts
  • Empetua All Day Every Day

These are some of the best products which shape your lower belly into a slim-fit look. These products can help you choose the best shapewear for your lower body.


In this article, we have listed the best Spanx shapewear for your lower belly. Also, there is a list of other products that can help you choose the perfect shapewear for yourself. The market has many brands and products for shaping your lower belly. But it is hard to find comforts like these top products and brands like Spanx for your lower body. You would be satisfied with the comfort and slim look of these products from Spanx. So, try the products that satisfy your condition and make you feel better about your body.

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