Brief Guide for Xiao in Teaming


Xiao has a 5 Anemo Hypercarry DPS. Due to the lengthy duration of his Elemental Burst, Xiao typically consumes the most field time when acting as a Hypercarry. Therefore, he should provide the majority of the Team’s DPS. As a result, xiao is a costly unit as an individual because he will receive most of the investment while the team members can be managed with less money.

Is Xiao Worth It?

  1. Low-skill floor gameplay
  2. Broad AoE
  3. The team needs to make more commitment.
  4. Plunges are considered heavy assaults and can be used to stun opponents and breach object shields.


  1. There need to be more F2P weapon options.
  2. Demands deliberate energy management.
  3. Expensive for a Hypercarry.
  4. The lengthy duration of his Elemental Burst may limit the options available to the team.
  5. Constellations with little value.

Xiao should frequently be on the field inflicting damage because he is a Hypercarry. His most valuable allies will therefore ensure the following:

  1. Xiao has sufficient energy to guarantee reliable Bursts.
  2. Xiao spends the most time possible doing damage on the field.
  3. The length of Xiao’s team rotations is minimized.
  4. Xiao survives.
  5. Xiao’s team supports his damage in Burst for as long as feasible.

We can generally group his supporters into the following roles to help him accomplish these objectives:

Off-Field DPS / Burst DPS

a secondary damage producer with a quick ability to cast damage or damage that can be dealt off-field.


Funds Xiao Energy for continual Bursts.


Protects Xiao from opponent attack and bursts HP drain or heals him.


Increases Xiao’s damage, lowers the enemy’s defense or resistance, gives anti-stagger, or enables crowd controls more straightforward area-of-effect attacks.


Xiao’s Elemental Burst is essential to his damage output; we firmly advise using a battery to ensure he gets his Burst binary.

The battery produces particles using their Skills before switching to Xiao, allowing those particles to “funnel” towards Xiao and support his Burst. We typically advise using anemo batteries because Xiao will acquire more energy by absorbing them than with other elemental particles.

Xiao Hyper

Xiao Hyper concentrates on maximizing Xiao’s harm. Because they meet Xiao’s battery, sustain their needs, and give him significant personal benefits, C6 Faruzan and Bennett make up his best Hypercarry team. Those are the best choices to maximize Xiao’s harm.

Sucrose with TTDS likewise performs as a workable Faruzan substitute, a bit less effective.

Flexible Options

Zhongli is a Powerful shield for survival and interruption resistance. Buffs and more RES Shred. His RES Shred is less valued than Faruzan’s Anemo RES Shred, but it is still precious (especially for high Anemo RES enemies).

Yelan provides a lot of single-target Damage and DMG bonuses with her Burst and A4, respectively. However, to activate her Burst, N1 must cancel.

Thoma Long-lasting shield with 15% Plunge DMG Boost at C6. Thoma should only be used in this slot if he is six due to energy restrictions, the need for lingering NA cancels, and his low utility.

Jean C4 offers Anemo RES Shred and has access to Freedom-Sworn, which increases ATK% and Plunge DMG. While designed for damage, but offers significant Burst DPS on the cast.

Xiao Faruzan Triple Anemo

In addition to reducing the need for emergency room visits, Xiao Faruzan Triple Ausesse of Faruzan’s team-wide Anemo enhancements. Xiao can now operate independent damage dealers e alongside Anemo supports, who previously had poor batteries. They can also passively give the team Anemo Particles because they are Anemo. For both pre-C6 and C6 Faruzan players, this team is advised.

Anemo Options

When built, Jean can be a Burst DPS and offers team-wide healing. In addition, her Tap Skill generates particles rather quickly. Her incredibly potent in this spot thanks to more Anemo RES Shred.

Kazuha provides crowd control and Off-Field DPSa. C2 Faruzan makes CRIT Kazuha an option, but he needs to be constructed for a specific Anemo DPS choice. Unfortunately, Kazuha’s Elemental Skill and Burst take a long time, causing Xiao to lose the duration of the abilities of other party members. His extensive field presence also results in longer rotations.

Sucrose Has TTDS and Battery Capabilities. C2 Faruzan enables CRIT Sucrose, but she must be constructed for the specific Anemo DPS option.

Venti Offers crowd control and off-field damage, which produces particles with quick sanity to channel other characters.

Take care since Xiao’s Burst could carry opponents out of the way. This may be lessened by using his Burst at the beginning of rot. However, it prevents him from using buffs like Bennett’s snapshot.

Flexible Options

Zhongli is a Powerful shield for survival and interruption resistance. Buffs and more RES Shred. His RES Shred is less valued than Faruzan’s Anemo RES Shred, but it is still precious (especially for high Anemo RES enemies).

Bennett has high ATK, Buffs, and heels. However, pre-C6 Faruzan may need more buff time due to her requirement to pre-funnel Xiao.

Yelan Provides a lot of single-target DPS and DMG% bonuses. Requires N1 procs and restricts your Anemo flex slot to sustain alternatives (Jean or Sayu).

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