Can I use a charger with a higher amperage than the original?

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We always get this question: “Can I use a charger with a higher amperage than the original?” We think higher amperage means fast charging because, ultimately, higher amperage means higher the supply of power. But the question arises, “Is it possible?”

To answer your question,” Yes, it is possible.” Not directly, but yes. Not because you want your computer or device to charge fast but because you have a high amperage charger as a replacement.

Every device has its charger, which means the charger gives the proper supply to your device. The suitable device not only needs the proper supply of power but a matching voltage and polarity. Your charger is made for that device, but you can also use another charger as a replacement under some conditions.

Can I use a charger with a higher amperage than the original?

As said above, Your charger is your computer’s best friend, but if your computer has lost its best friend, then your computer can use a friend. Unfortunately, the replacement charger may not meet all your computer needs. So who can be your computer’s next best friend?

It depends on many things: voltage, polarity, amperage, etc. Let’s read them and understand how these things affect your computer.


Voltage is the rate at which current flows in your device. For example, suppose your old charger used to provide 12 volts power supply to your computer, then your replacement should also provide 12 volts.

Your computer needs the correct voltage. Some devices work fine with slight variation in volts, but some do not. If the voltage is high for your device, it can overheat your computer and cause premature failure. If the voltage is low, It won’t charge properly, and your device will shut down.

So the correct voltage for your computer is suitable. If the charger with the same voltage is impossible to find, then ask the technician how much voltage your device can handle and find the same.


If you think you can use a charger with a higher amperage than the original for fast charging? , then it’s not possible. The device you are charging will take the same amperage as it needs. If your device needs 0.5 amps to charge, but the charger provides 1.0 amps, you will use 0.5 only. But if your device needs 1.0 amps and your charger provides just 0.5, then the charging rate slows down or is not possible.

Therefore, always keep in mind to replace your charger with a high or equivalent providing amperage.


Polarity is essential because it connects your charger and the device. One wire is designated (+) or positive; the other (-) is negative.

Make sure that your power supply’s connectors fit the device’s expectations to ensure compatibility. Please make sure the expectations are in line, especially for popular circular power connections. No one can avoid this.

At the very least, it doesn’t work, and at the worst, it may cause the gadget to malfunction.

You have to choose a charger which excels in all these points. The one which stands out from all these points can have a chance to be the next friend of your device.

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