Carhartt Jacket Review


Carhartt creates workwear that proudly displays their blue-collar roots while appealing to detail-minded millennial shoppers. Their rugged, Americana style has won them many dedicated customers.

This loose fit jacket provides ample room for comfortable movement, and allows you to layer clothing easily in cold environments. The body of this piece is blanket-lined while its sleeves feature quilted nylon material.


Carhartt jackets are beloved Americana-made garments that have gained widespread appeal among millennial skateboarders, rappers and blue-collar workers alike. Breathable, warm and long-lasting are hallmarks of quality in any Carhartt product.

The classic Detroit Jacket has become an indispensable tool on construction sites, garages and farms. Made with tough cotton exterior shell fabric and featuring an ultra-warm quilted flannel inner lining for extra warmth – and popular among fashionable people such as Kanye West and Jonah Hill – the Detroit is a favorite choice of many fashionable individuals such as Kanye West and Jonah Hill alike.

Comfort of this jacket can be enhanced through its two hand-warming, kangaroo-style pockets on either side, plus two internal pockets to store small valuables. Furthermore, adjustable cuffs help seal off cold air.

However, some may find the loose fit uncomfortable. If you plan on wearing this jacket to work, make sure it allows enough room for layering a sweatshirt or flannel underneath; tight-fitting jackets limit flexibility and prevent you from adapting as the work intensity or weather conditions shift.


The Detroit jacket has long been a favorite among workers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering classic style that stands the test of time made from quality materials designed to withstand wear-and-tear. Furthermore, its versatility means it can be worn in numerous settings; however, some users have reported difficulty cleaning due to dirt build-up on its fabric surface.

The Carhartt jacket features heavy-duty duck cotton canvas designed to stand up against harsh conditions. Its main seams are triple stitched and reinforced with twill tape for extra durability. The 12-ounce cotton duck exterior is pre-washed and ringspun; lined with warm blanket lining throughout its body and smooth quilted nylon taffeta sleeves; its roominess allows freedom of movement while its drawcord-adjustable hem and waist snaps allow users to customize its fit according to personal needs.


Carhartt workwear designs adhere to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Instead of trying to outwit or overwhelm consumers with complicated features, their products focus on providing people with what they need for everyday jobs and to be comfortable during inclement weather conditions.

One such example of such a jacket is the Firm Duck Insulated Flannel Lined Active Jacket. Although its exterior shell fabric is thick, its loose weave allows layering in challenging weather conditions. Furthermore, this piece comes equipped with quilted flannel lining which adds warmth without being bulky.

This jacket scores 4 in terms of warmth, 2 for durability and 3 in terms of breathability; achieved via its polyester mesh lining. In addition, its drawcord-adjustable hood and cuffed sleeves help block wind; plus there are details such as over lapped zipper covers which could make all the difference when keeping out raindrops.


Carhartt has long been recognized for making durable gear that stands up to even the toughest jobs, such as this jacket from Carhartt with its breathable waterproof lining and Wind Fighter technology that helps tame windy conditions. Furthermore, there’s ample storage space and its rugged feel means it will stand up against abrasions without compromise.

The Duck Active Jacket is constructed from 12-ounce firm duck insulating fabric with an adjustable cuff system and quilted flannel inner lining, scoring high for warmth in terms of arms and neck coverage.

The Detroit Jacket from Carhartt features an appealing combination of ruggedness and timeless classic styling that fits in well with workwear enthusiasts. Additionally, its “built to last” philosophy can be seen through this garment; customers have reported that theirs have withstood decades of wear and tear!