CA Salary is Best In India Says CA wizard-Lets find out


Chartered Accountant is considered a respectable profession in India, and the annual earning of a C.A. can range from 7 to 30 lakhs. The C.A. salary in India depends on his experience and knowledge. As per last year’s data, the annual average salary of CA in India is Rs7.36. CA also open up employment opportunities in foreign countries. And the salary of a C.A. at the international level is 75 lakhs or more.

Also, the students who get rank inevitably get a higher salary than the regular students. Moreover, during placement, preference is given to those who have cleared C.A. exam in one or fewer attempts.

After passing the C.A. exam, you can also do your practice, for which you should have 2 to 3 years experience from a recognized firm. Often by choosing this path, many people open the door of unlimited earning.

CA wizard is one of the leading online portal providing relevant and authentic information regarding commerce, Ca, Cs and other professional courses related to commerce. We know them for their intensive researched piece of information. In, their latest research paper on different professional courses in India, they strongly recommend CA has the highest salary In India.

Let us come to the point of the article, where we say why CA salary is best in India depending on many factors, the main is industrial type. Many industries pay more than a particular industry. Know about some such sectors.

Industry Wise Best CA Salary in India

Every CA should look for a firm where there is a lot to learn. Of course, in the beginning, you should not expect a high salary and insist on experience. If you spend the initial time gaining knowledge, then the future will be comparatively fruitful for you.

C.A. Firms

It would help if you start with a CA firm because you will learn how to interact with clients and synergize with a team. This hands-on training is a comprehensive form and will fully prepare you for the journey ahead. The salary offered by CA firms is less than the rest but invest this time in learning. Usually, a C.A. firm pays 3 to 8 lakhs annually.

Top 4 MNCs

Every C.A. wants to get a job because in top multi-national companies. Of course, they provide better wages and you will get a chance to audit a higher level of accounts.

These four companies are E&Y, PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG. If somehow to get selected for the three-year article ship in these companies, you will pass through the experience of high tense. These companies employ a huge amount of C.A. per year. Keep in mind that you can get a salary of 8 lakhs annually in these companies, but they have the top position in terms of workload. So if in the initial phase you are ready to handle the big workload, then choose them.

I.T. Industry

Called CA’s paradise, I.T. companies pay well with the minimum workload. TCS, Infosys or Wipro are top I.T. companies in India. Every year, these companies open their doors for many, so if you want to work under less pressure, this is a great option. Although the nature of C.A. is serious and hardworking, most people do not choose them.

Best C.A. Salary in India on skill basis

C.A. should work on his skills to get more salary. For example, C.A. with accounting analysis, budget management, and strategic management skills are well paid. Take a look at the skill-based salary in the following table.

SkillsP.A. average salary
Financial advisor8.5-8.75 lakhs
Account management 7-7.25 lakhs
Budget management 9.5-11 lakhs
Strategic accounts8.9-9 lakhs
Auditing 7-7.5 lakhs
Tax compliance7-7.1 lakhs
Internal audit7.25-7.35 lakhs

Skill-based Salary Chart

This chart is taken from a reliable source so don’t worry about the accuracy of the data. Here only the main skills have been added, apart from these, the CA with the skills of tax consulting and financial consulting also gets a salary between about 7 to 8 lakhs.

How to Get A High CA Salary in India

Yes, a C.A. can expect a better salary by improving the way he works. Incorporate the skills mentioned above into your work and get a better salary. In addition to skills, you can take your destiny into your own hands by the following ways.

  • Less Number of Attempts
  • Enrich youKnowledge
  • Score a Rank in Exams
  • Types of the Profile
  • Great Practical Training Experience
  • Score high in final exam

Frequently Asked Question

How much a CA earns per month?

A fresher CA earns around 35k per month

Can CA earn in crores?

Yes, a CA can make crores of rupee but it will take time and one need to work on all the skills.

Is CA the highest paid job?

CA is one of the highest paid job in India and very reputed.


So the above blogs say that CA is one of the highest-paid job in India and a CA can also increase his salary by building other accounting and consulting skills. However, students who could not clear the CA exam and their dream of becoming a Certified Chartered Accountant remained unfulfilled, they need not despair. Apart from CA, there are other courses like CMA, ACCA, and CFA which are not as difficult as CA and can be cleared easily. Students of this type of professional course can also get jobs in good positions.