Chinese Drama Review – The Forbidden Flower


The Forbidden Flower is a romantic drama with a touch of melancholy. The film tells the tale of He Ran, an upstart painter, and his sad counterpart, Xiao Han, an experienced horticulturist.

They take the risk of falling in love despite their age gap and family disapproval and soon find that it blossoms like summer flowers.

The Forbidden Flower mesmerizes audiences with its beauty and depth – it is truly captivating! Do not miss this fantastic film! It is truly worth watching!

The Story

This classic melodrama will leave you feeling all sorts of emotions, from happy to sad and everything in between. While its plot may be somewhat predictable and predictable at times, its characters’ struggles and emotions remain captivating to watch; He Ran’s desire to explore her surroundings and her pain due to illness are relatable; similarly, Xiao Han’s quest for fulfillment in life and frustration at the current situation is relatable as well.

The dynamic between He Ran and Xiao Han makes this drama stand out, even among its many admirable qualities. Their age difference may turn some off, but this pair is made perfect by Jerry Yan’s performance as Xiao Han – perfectly portraying her melancholy and sensitive persona with ease.

Xiao Han is an irresistibly charming character, making you wish he were in real life! Even after watching his drama is finished, you’ll still think of him and wish for more time with him! Not only is he an exceptional actor, but he’s also a gifted singer; singing traditional Chinese tunes and contemporary hits is another reason Xiao Han remains so beloved among Chinese audiences.

The Cast

Jerry Yan’s fans can watch this drama with relish. Starring alongside Ruohan Xu (also known as Dao Ming Si), it chronicles He Ran, an aspiring painter from a wealthy yet conservative family who wants to explore what lies beyond what she knows. Along the way, she meets Xiao Han (played by Dao Ming Si), an emotionally distant horticulturist she falls madly in love with after meeting briefly at work. Xiao Han becomes involved, and their romance begins quickly!

Jerry Yan’s performance in this drama is captivating and gripping, perfectly portraying Xiao Han’s emotions through facial expressions without dialogue. His chemistry with Xu is undeniable, and his dedication to this project stands out.

The cast also boasts several talented supporting actors. Huang Yi, who plays He Ran’s mother in China, is well-known. She’s appeared in major blockbusters, bringing just as much intensity to this role. Jiang Nan, who portrays Xiao Han’s best friend, Jiang Han, is another impressive performer; she always puts the needs of others ahead of herself, making her an unforgettable character everyone would wish they had as a friend.

The Atmosphere

This drama revolves around a young woman falling for an older man. Their romance blossoms like summer flowers, though they face challenges due to He Ran’s health condition and age difference. Yet despite these hurdles, the couple overcame them and formed an intimate couplehood. Visually appealing with stunning scenery and romantic ambiance, its script and performances may not appeal to all viewers, though.

This Chinese drama thrives thanks to the dynamic between its leads. Without Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han’s electric chemistry, The Forbidden Flower would be another shallow romance between two adults with an age difference. However, this pairing might not suit everyone, particularly since one of Xu Ruo Han’s characters has terminal cancer.

The Forbidden Flower is a heartrending yet captivating Chinese drama with stunning visuals and outstanding performances, perfect for romance and drama fans alike. Although its plot may seem slow-paced, Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han’s chemistry is exceptional and keeps viewers riveted to their screens throughout its duration. Additionally, this open ending may leave some viewers sad while others are content; each viewer must decide how they interpret these final few scenes themselves.

The Ending

The Forbidden Flower is a sensual, steamy drama with stunning cinematography. Filmed on Hainan Island – known for its tropical beaches and dramatic landscapes – its beautiful beaches add drama and remind viewers that summer vacation is close. Additionally, this drama boasts stunning leads and a captivating plot to keep viewers hooked throughout their experience.

He Ran is a lively young girl with strong ambition. She hails from an affluent family, is a talented painter, and regularly visits barber shops. One day at one of these establishments, He Ran hears an intriguing voice – that of Xiao Han, a horticulturist named by whom He Ran develops feelings. They slowly fall in love.

But Xiao Han is unhappy, suffering a recent heartbreak and losing hope in life. He is working hard to make ends meet and is uncertain of his ability to maintain He Ran’s relationship.

He Ran and Xiao Han eventually reconcile and become a couple again, spending their time together taking care of Xiao Han’s garden plants while enjoying each other’s company and doing everything possible to cherish their time together.

He Ran and Xiao Han’s romance drama story is one of the most powerful stories ever told. Even after 20 years apart, their love remains undeniable, standing as proof that true love will prevail no matter what obstacles come their way.