Trick Flow Cylinder Heads Review


Trick Flow‘s cylinder heads are rigorously dyno-tested in-house to deliver maximum value for money – that is the essence of serious horsepower!

This closeup of a combustion chamber illustrates how its twisted design promotes airflow and allows camshafts with more comprehensive duration and lobe separation angles than those found on standard Ford PI heads.

Serious Horsepower

Trick Flow engine components provide engine builders with an affordable way to upgrade their engines with performance upgrades that provide maximum return for their money, which explains why NMRA drag racers worldwide choose them.

Rick and Mike Smith began the company from their two-car garage in Orrville, Ohio. Since then, it has seen tremendous growth – yet many of its founding principles still hold today.

Street Heat/High Port series heads were their first development, and it kicked off a revolution for small-block Ford aftermarket heads. Their innovative, patent-protected design involved rotating intake and exhaust valves to unhinge them and improve airflow.

Trick Flow offers an impressive lineup of aluminum heads for the Fox body 5.0L Mustang that are suitable for street driving and racing, among others. All charges undergo extensive dyno testing to ensure proven results.

Serious Performance

Trick Flow’s team is committed to producing products with lasting results. That is why they conduct extensive in-house dyno testing of each component they offer for testing purposes – an approach has become legendary among users for cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and camshafts from trick flow.

Trick Flow Specialties’ founders worked at a pattern shop that produced tooling for Pro Stock legend Warren Johnson’s Oldsmobile cylinder heads when they noticed racers modifying factory cylinder heads or adapting 351 Windsor heads to get more horsepower. Therefore, they set up Trick Flow Specialties out of their two-car garage in Orrville, Ohio, to build a better mousetrap and gain a competitive edge.

“One of our first offerings was the High Port aluminum head that revolutionized small block Ford world,” Downs says. “The original High Port created a market for aftermarket heads for the 5.0, and you still see those same heads on everything from 12-second naturally aspirated street cars to Pro 5.0 drag cars achieving 8-second elapsed times.”

Trick Flow’s Twisted Wedge 185 head revolutionized 4.6L Two-Valve modular as well. Instead of using factory cylinder heads with single-file designs that limit valve size and camshaft options, Trick Flow used their revolutionary combustion chamber design that rotated intake and exhaust valves, revealing them and drastically increasing airflow.

Serious Value

Trick Flow’s street/strip or race-proven cylinder heads, camshafts, pistons, and intake manifolds offer maximum performance at the lowest cost – something Ralph Waldo Emerson may have been alluding to when he stated, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”

Trick Flow takes great care in designing and inspecting every head it produces to ensure its highest level of quality. They combine advanced 3D solid modeling technology with two decades of racing experience to engineer products with remarkable value you cannot find elsewhere.

Downs showed us around their factory and revealed its well-oiled operations, such as producing two Billy Bad A460 heads every eight-hour shift on just one machine! Very impressive.

Trick Flow also operates a separate business within their facility that specializes in competitive-style valve jobs, known as competition valve jobs. Here, they can perform meticulous valve work on heads from other manufacturers and their own.

Serious Support

Quality and workflow are critical components of any successful business. Trick Flow’s experts are committed to creating products that perform exactly as advertised – their zero-defect mentality ensures your investment pays off!

Trick Flow products have long been recognized for their innovation and high performance on Ford small block engines. From their popular cylinder heads and camshafts to intake manifolds, their products provide solutions for horsepower enthusiasts, street racers, and drag racers alike.

Fox Body Mustang owners have come to depend on BDK’s revolutionary 5.0L aluminum heads for nearly two decades, thanks to their Twisted Wedge combustion chamber design, which rotates intake and exhaust valves while unhumbling them to increase airflow into the engine.

This 50-state legal design accommodates today’s most popular bore and stroke combinations. Premium-certified materials and components and precision CNC machining techniques ensure superior quality and durability while offering a balanced port-to-port flow. Fully machined castings also add strength and provide a sleek billet-like aesthetic.

Trick Flow’s 190cc intake ports and CNC competition-ported runners make it possible to use larger valves with increased lift for increased lift, which means running up to 245 degrees of duration with cams that feature wide lobe separation angles (LSAs). The result: increased horsepower and torque gains on both street and strip.