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The famous cell therapy-based age-reversing treatments have been offered within Germany for the last sixty years with great achievement. The integrative approach used during cell therapy methods helps reduce the biological age group by 7-10 years. Living begins at the organizational phase of the single cell as well as ends in the domain of the multi-cellular organism. The ultimate goal of any medical treatment ought to be the restoration of all capabilities from the functional unit of lifestyle – the cell. Merely healthy functional cells could enable the tissues along with organs to fulfill their process ensuring the development and tactical of the

organism. As we age far more number of cell die or maybe become malfunctioned compared to the variety of new cells being produced inside our bodies. This alpine process typically starts soon after 35 years of age in most men and women. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical medicine right now orientates itself towards “relieve of symptoms” that can be listed or are deducible by means of research and technical aids (microscope, electron microscope, biochemical files, electronic recordings). It is and thus neglects all dimensional regions below and above the unsuspecting objective detection methods, since doing so, defines their limits.

Basic Principles of Cell phone Therapy:

In organ extract- and cellular therapy, tissue or extracts of various fetal animal tissues are applied via intramuscular injection in the human body for therapeutic requirements. These xenograft implants are generally broken down into their basic aspects (enzymes, polypeptides, deoxyribonucleic gastric acids, ribonucleic acids, and other standard organic substances) and used again by the cells, tissues along with organs of the person taken care of. The fundamental theory behind body extract – and cell phone therapy is the principle ‘Similia Similibus’ or ‘Like Cures Like, as stated by Paracelsus, a doctor and philosopher of the sixteenth century.

Paracelsus and many other earlier physicians believed that the easiest way to rebuild or refresh ill organs or aging tissue was to use fitness cells of the same tissue kind. Modern organ extract- as well as cell therapy, refers to therapy by injection with mobile elements and whole tissues from healthy unborn or even fetal sheep or lower legs specially bred for healthcare purposes under a closely controlled and pollution-free environment within high alpine mountains. Body organ extract- and cell treatment actually “wakes up” foul cells within the human body, therefore stimulating the growth and function involving existing tissue and mending or regenerating old along with malfunctioning cells. Organ extract- and cell therapy

present something that vitamins, minerals, and also other conventional or natural therapies cannot. It can provide the particular components necessary for injured or maybe diseased tissue to treat and regenerate. While most prescription drugs work by quelling certain symptoms over a short while of time and only as long as they can be taken, organ extract- along with cell therapy are stirring the body’s own healing along with revitalizing powers and put out a long-term effect.

The History plus the Science of Cell Treatments:

Cell therapy dates back many years. Written in 1600 Udemærket. C., the Eber Écrit of medicine recommended injection involving animal organs to improve man’s vitality. In the middle Ages, Paracelsus observed, for the first time, that the company unit of all life; typically the cell, was the element in ‘like heals like. In the late nineteenth century, French Nobel laureate Dr . Alexis Carrel found out the potentially immortal mother nature of cells by keeping well fragments of a chicken cardiovascular system 25 years after the fowl possessed died. This accomplishment

ended up being performed by combining cell phone material from different hearts and minds into one cell culture. While the 19th century, London physiologist C. E. Brown-Sequard recognized the potency involving cellular therapy by including himself with an extract made out of the testicles of a fresh bull. His virility ended up being subjectively increased due to the male growth hormone in the extract. In the 1920s, Russian ophthalmologist Vladimir Filatov initiated the application of fetal cell phones and aloe plants to get therapies for nonspecific reconstruction surgery

of chronically ill people. His earliest claimed success was in reversing retinitis pigmentosa and involutional retinal macular degeneration. In the 1930s, surgeon Niehans became significantly interested in endocrinology while offering as head of staff members at one of the renowned hospital wards in Germany/Switzerland. One of Niehans’ first discoveries was in which cells derived from the body organs of fetal sheep may be injected into the human body without triggering the natural refutation mechanism that acts to be able to reject foreign protein.

In the year 1931, Paul Niehans was summoned to an emergency operation just where he was requested to perform a transplant for an elderly female whose parathyroid glands have been removed during a thyroid surgical procedure by accident. The patient was in essential condition and in a contest against time, Niehans searched for instead to inject the girl with a steer’s parathyroid cellular material suspended in a saline option, crudely prepared at the field. The woman who would have in any other case died immediately, in fact, received quickly stabilized and continued to improve as she proceeded to live another 30 years!

In the forty years following his 1st successful experiments, Niehans utilized his discoveries in appendage extract- and cellular therapies over 50, 000 moments. Among Niehans’ patients ended up celebrities like Charles Chaplin, Robert Cummings, Joan Crawford, Charles de Gaulle, Dwight and Marnie Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Charles Boyer, Bernard Baruch, the Duke in addition to Duchess of Windsor, Ernest Kennedy, and many others. In 1953, Niehans was called into the bedside of ailing Papas Pius XII. In girl for successful results of his or her own cell therapy, Pope Pius XII invited Niehans as a member of the Papal

Intermediate school of Sciences. Niehans in addition conducted research into the cancer tumor-resisting properties of fetal mesenchyme cells within a well-regulated connective tissue matrix. He/she used cells from the de Frente brain to treat mongolism. He/she used skin and vision cellular extracts to treat creaminess, injected liver cells to manage cirrhosis, and utilized testicle cells to treat impotence. One thousand scientific studies have demonstrated the potency of cell therapy. By radioactively marking tissue extract, research workers have been able to ascertain just what happens with the organ acquisition and cellular material following it is injection.

Cell Remedy Preparations:

Cell therapy arrangements are derived from fetal lamb or calf according to any proprietary manufacturing and cryopreservation process in North Australia. These preparations must always end up being injected in freshly well-prepared form for getting maximum restorative effect. More than 30 arrangements from different tissue sorts are available. All preparations are created by a GMP-certified research laboratory and subject to a multitude of exacting microbiology and biological viability tests to ensure the highest amount of efficacy and safety. Each preparation contains > 10 million tissue-specific skin cells derived from live tissue.

Mobile phone Therapy for Anti-aging (Revitalization):

Every patient first is run through the blood, urine, and other efficient diagnostic tests which specially measure “pro-aging” parameters plus “anti-oxidant status” + “hormone levels”. This gives the healing physician good information on the latest functional status of different system organs and helps design the individualized (personalized) anti-aging course. The Revitalization Program will involve the rejuvenation of 3 main programs of the body that rule aging. They are the endocrine process, the immune system, and the detoxification process.

Just injecting the mobile phone therapy preparations may not supply excellent results. That is why previous to the cell therapy procedure, each patient undergoes extensive IV/IM detox procedures, Intravenous ozone sessions, Laser revitalization connected with blood, IV high amounts of vitamin/minerals/trace elements therapies for a lot of days so as to make system organs maximally receptive into the incoming new cells. The energy of the above-mentioned 3 system systems has

shown a supposed reversal or a dramatic collapse of premature aging, recovery of vigor &, libido, increased interest in daily life, higher mental concentration in addition to focusing as well as a healthy body, and decreased wrinkles. These kinds of organ cells are used: instructions Thymus, brain, spleen, hardworking liver, kidney, heart, adrenal péripétie, pituitary gland, skin, ovary, or testis.

Other Professional medical Indications:

Treatment of chronic weakness syndrome, immune deficiency, infecundity, diabetes, frozen shoulder, get stiffness, migraine, joint pain, major depression, melasma, aging skin, pimples, hay fever, pre-menstrual malady, uterine fibrosis, endometriosis, sleep problems, liver dysfunction, fungal infection, intestinal problems, nerve related soreness, extreme coldness, anemia, reduced libido, constipation, gastritis, digestive tract intoxication, and hormonal fluctuations.

Safety and Effectiveness:

Considering that the cell therapy preparations have got very low antigenicity; they are not conveniently recognized as foreign by the recipient’s immune system, and therefore, they usually tend not to cause significant clinical unwanted effects. Donor animals and all arrangements are thoroughly tested to exclude transmission of zoonoses and also infections; there are no identified cases with the use of these arrangements. Acute allergic reactions with new frozen or freeze-dried appendage

extracts and cell arrangements are exceedingly rare. When such reactions should take place, they are easily manageable together with antihistamines, steroids, and drip volume fluid expansion. The particular organ extract and mobile preparations of fetal xenogeneic cells imprint their vigor upon old, tired, and also degenerating cells, stimulating those to function with renewed performance, thereby improving organ performance and vigor and vigor of the entire organism– Bodybuilding revitalization.

Long-lasting Benefits:

Every single procedure and therapeutic involvement carried out during the anti-aging plan is for the regeneration of the system’s individual cells and bodily organs (i. e. regeneration coming from INSIDE), because the aging process initially starts at the cellular/organ stage, and then, over the years slowly is shown as externally as wrinkles in the face, or development of several chronic diseases, or basic loss of vitality or fat gain or forgetfulness, or loss in hairs, or loss of sexual desire or

decrease in eyesight, or perhaps poor sleep quality, and so on Undergoing cell therapy centered anti-aging program once a year following 40 years of age not only aids “Look and Feel” substantially younger but also offers superb prevention against the diseases regarding old age viz. Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, High blood pressure, Impotence, Cancer, and so on

Dr . Shams Scheik, MARYLAND, ABAARM, DOM(Germany) is a best-rated American Board certified doctor, the founder and healthcare director of Juventas Revitalization Clinic based in Germany. Juventas Clinic is one of the leading age reversing & functional medicine centers of Europe serving sufferers mainly coming from the Middle-East nations, the Russian continent, China as well as North America. After finishing the residency(post-graduate)program in Internal

Medicine, Doctor Scheik completed an advanced fellowship in Anti-aging Medicine in Munich(Germany) and further practical learning USA and Switzerland. He could be an active member of several techniques as well as nonprofit organizations as well as travels extensively lecturing worldwide on diverse topics associated with anti-aging medicine, regenerative medication, diabetes prevention, nonsurgical weight reduction, etc. Dr . Scheik provides private consultations in Moscow(Russia), London(UK), and Dubai(UAE).

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