Different Types of Car Lights

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Car lights are one of the most critical parts of a car as they ensure safety, particularly during night driving. Car headlights illuminate the roadway and support fatigue-free and safe driving. Different car lights are installed for various purposes; some are decorative and give a sophisticated look to the vehicle. The average lifespan of a car headlight is 500 to 1000 hours. A dimming light indicates that it needs to be changed soon. Auto spare parts stores sell lights required for replacement. It is possible to purchase good quality spare parts like holden parts from online stores at any time. Finding the right lights for relief is no more a problem, and online stores allow customers to buy them from the comfort of their homes.

Types of Car Lights


Full beam headlights: Full beam headlights are the brightest headlights. They are angled high to allow the driver to see more of the road. 

They are very intense and distribute light with a lot of glare. These headlights are used only at night on an unlit stretch of road. The lights should be turned off when oncoming traffic because they are very dazzling and can cause accidents.


Low beam headlights: Low beam headlights are also known as dipped headlights. They provide enough light to see the path without causing excessive glare to other drivers on the road. They are used in bad weather conditions like snow, rain, fog, or low visibility during the daytime.


1.   LED headlights are preferred because they are versatile, highly energy-efficient, and made in different shapes. They are a stable light source and give the car a unique look.

2.   Halogen headlights are cheap and easy to replace, but they are not very bright. The headlight has a combination of gases and a tungsten filament in a glass tube. They get heated soon, which is a significant drawback of this light.

3.   Xenon high-intensity-discharge headlights heat gases and raw materials to generate a bright white or blue glow. They are more intense than halogen headlights, have a greater lifespan, and use less power.


Fog lights: cut through the fog, and it does not reflect them. They have a unique shape and are placed very low in front of the car. They are generally used when the visibility is below 100 metres. Cars have at least one fog light in the rear to help drivers spot the vehicle from behind.


Taillights: Taillights are red lights found on the rear of the car. They turn on whenever the headlight is on and turn off automatically with the headlights. They allow drivers to spot the vehicle and adjust the distance.


Signal lights: Signal lights are also known as indicators and are found on the front and rear of a car. They are amber coloured lights that blink to let others know that the vehicle is about to take a turn.


Brake lights: Brake lights are red lights near the taillights that illuminate when the brake is applied. The brake lights should always be well-maintained and kept in working conditions to avoid unnecessary problems.


Interior lights: The interior lights are located inside the car, in the ceiling. They illuminate the interior and help people fasten seat belts, read maps, or find lost things inside the vehicle. They are not used while driving as they can distract the driver.


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