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Not too long ago, I’ve seen more and more brand new driving schools appear in the area advertising cheap traveling lessons with various special deals. Offers such as ’10 lessons for £99′, ‘5 hours for £55’, and ‘4 hours for £44’ appear with growing regularity. Driving School rotterdam – But is the buyer getting value for money? In person, I know that I could by no means operate my business supplying such deals – it will barely cover my running costs – and I wouldn’t need my business associated with everything ‘cheap’ anyway – now how are other driving schools obtaining it?

Are you getting affordable?

Now I obviously can’t take a look at every driving school available offering these deals however, from the many stories I have heard, the general answer is not any for a variety of reasons:

Sitting quietly on the road for most of the lesson. I often listen to tales from pupils that have come to me from other traveling schools that they would invest most of their lessons left up in the car going over concepts rather than getting invaluable helpful work.

This is how driving schools can cut expenses – less fuel utilized and minor wear and tear on their vehicle. I once heard a tale that a driving school in the region carried out a 2 hours highway code lesson using their pupils!

Tying on in the first point, less sensible work on lessons will spark decreased progress in the learners driving skills. If you’re resting about for half of each lesson, not operating, then it will take you doubly long to get to test every day. So that ’10 lessons intended for £99′ deal looks fine on the surface, but if it’s going to take anyone double the lessons it would at the established and reputable operating school, is it a quality saving?

The initial offer will be a one-off and often have some terms and conditions. Once you’ve possessed your deal, the tutorial price will go back to typically the driving school’s standard price ranges. The terms and conditions on ’10 hours for £99′ can typically be similar to 3 hours to be pulled back for the test day tutorial.

That would tie you to typically the driving school – you obtain your first 7 hours then MUST stay with the operating school until your analysis to get the other three times – something you might not like to do if you’re not happy with the education given to you.

And so, let’s do a case study. Ruben decides he wants some excellent quality driving lessons with a company with good buyer testimonials and some great selections. They charge £210 intended for 10 hours with the initial hour free so the student can meet the instructor before you finally make any further commitments. Typically this particular driving school will have the pupil ready for the test in around 30 hours — therefore, John will invest a total of £630 in his test.

James makes a decision he wants to go for inexpensive driving lessons. He discovers a random company on the internet doing ’10 hours about the £99′ deal. However, because of the driving schools’ budget cuts, it takes James 50 hrs to pass. The final 40 hrs were also at the standard tariff of £200 for 10 hrs.

Also, James wasn’t pleased with his instructor; however, 3 hours was available for his test day; therefore, he didn’t want to shed that. In total, James needed to pay £899 compared to Steve, who paid £630. Additionally, John managed it within around four months compared to James, who took seven months due to extra training.

These cheap deals could look too good being true and often are, so be warned. I think it’s much better to decide on a school on reputation, customer feedback, and recommendations rather than price tag – there are probably reasons why one school may charge a lot more than another – anyone generally gets what you pay for in this lifestyle!!

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