Emotional Health Help and Intelligence in Dreams


When I is at the beginning of my scientific analysis I believed I should possess studied at a University since it would be simpler to be approved by the scientific community. But when I could discover the presence of our anti-conscience in the greatest part of our brain I understood why I had to understand everything based only on the actual superior knowledge given to me personally by the divine unconscious thoughts, which produce our desires.

The unconscious mind revealed to me the truth behind the actual apparent reality, relating technology to religion. The anti-conscience is our wild mind, which didn’t evolve such as our human conscience.

The presence of this wild content as well as its interference with our conscious thoughts is the most important matter of existence. However, nobody can see the reality behind the apparent fact.

The anti-conscience is an unseen enemy. It generates psychological illnesses within our conscience if we follow its absurd ideas. Even before generating a psychological illness, it keeps interfering with our logical system.

The actual salvation for the human being may be obedience to divine knowledge. However, the logical tiger traps of the anti-conscience make our own human conscience follow the ridiculous thoughts that invade our own conscious mind whenever we tend to be depressed or revolted for whatever reason. We accept what is poor without criticism because we would like to get revenge because we would like to get rid of our unbearable discomfort and because we have no circumstances to reasonably think about everything.

Even worse than this trap is that often the interference of silly thoughts in our reasoning technique doesn’t begin only if we live depressed or revolted. Typically the anti-conscience uses many other solutions to influence and control each of our behavior.

When you learn typically the dream language you start experiencing the truth behind the clear reality. You are able to practically learn people’s minds, and you have trustful information about how your future is going to be unfolded, depending on your perspective.

This means that you start identifying the presence of the anti-conscience in every person’s behavior, the same way you discover the influence of your anti-conscience in your reasoning system. You are aware of how the anti-conscience’s absurdity can determine your behavior whenever you comply with its absurd thoughts. You discover how to completely eliminate the effect of your wild side, while not being a passive victim of assorted instinctive reactions.

This process will give you relief, especially if you get serious psychological problems. By simply translating the meaning of your ambitions and observing the effect of your anti-conscience into your cognition you will stop blaming yourself for various mistakes because you will understand that these errors were imposed by your anti-conscience.

Those who are proud of their cleverness and their achievements cannot accept the existence of absurdity in their personal brain. They have a strong human being conscience since their anti-conscience didn’t manage to destroy a large portion of their conscience, however.

However, the mentally sick have already lost a big part of their human conscience. They may be relieved from heavy remorse when they understand that their ridiculous behavior is not the result of their very own actions, but the result of their own anti-conscience’s control. The anti-conscience is their animal character; it doesn’t belong to their human being conscience. This means that their mind cannot be blamed for their errors and sins.

Everyone ought to prevent craziness since everyone is able to become mentally ill anytime. However, nobody understands the value of preventing the complete destruction of the human conscience before having emotional problems.

The unconscious thoughts show you in your dreams the facts behind the apparent fact because it is God’s mind. Prior to seriously understanding the truth concerning human nature, you have to understand that you will be safe and you will be protected when you will obey keen guidance.

God helps you have confidence in His sanctity. First of all, you are aware that you can become a genius along with attaining spiritual perfection. For those who have this knowledge, you understand it can easily be advantageous for you to keep to the guidance you have, even if it’s against your initial ideas. You realize you have to fight your own personal anti-conscience, without being indifferent to your to its absurdity. This rigmarole is causing numerous troubles in your life.

You have to concentrate your own personal attention on the brilliant foreseeable future you will have when you will seem to finally eliminate the negative written content you have inherited through intelligence. Before understanding the truth in regards to human nature you have to understand that you may evolve and you can become the best human being, even if you are mentally not well, and you already have made quite a few mistakes.

You need this indictment so that you may look at the real truth behind the apparent truth without being discouraged by the rigmarole and the evilness you have grown up honing, and by the wickedness of driving. By understanding that there are options and you can attain a higher level of information, you find the courage you have to fight your anti-conscience and also the absurdity of the world.

If you have a solid human conscience you feel that you could control your behavior and you also don’t need psychotherapy, however, this is a dangerous impression. For those who have an anti-conscience, this means that you are able to suddenly have panic attacks as well as dizziness. You can have a series of ridiculous thoughts, anxiety, and many intolerable sensations without any logical description.

You should be afraid of this chance. You have inherited an anti-conscience, which works against your own human conscience. You never understand when and why it might manage to destroy a big part of your conscience.

When I had been fighting the absurdity associated with my anti-conscience (in 1989) I verified that a typical human being cannot bear the actual attacks of the anti-conscience as soon as it manages to eliminate a big portion of their mind. The anti-conscience causes a lot of abnormalities in our psychological program that we are unable to keep our own human conscience alive.

I can survive in order to give you training today because I was obeying the unconscious mind. The courageous victory helps you steer clear of facing your anti-conscience before you will be attacked by the silly content you have inherited.

You must become a dream expert similar to me. You will be able to understand what sort of human brain words are and easily find abnormalities in human habits.

I give you clear instructions about how you can follow these steps and use the research method of dream interpretation to heal others, after finding seem mental health yourself. You may use dream messages in order to resolve your daily problems, your internal problems, and the psychological troubles of everyone around you, and obtain many other goals.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s study into the human psyche, getting hold of the cure for all mental health issues, and simplifying the research method of dream interpretation which teaches you how to exactly read the meaning of your dreams, so as to find health, wisdom along with happiness. Learn more to obtain a Free Sample of the guide Dream Interpretation as Scientific research (86 pages! ).

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