Exante reviews 2022 and tips for your demo account


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of feedback from regular clients who have already studied the trading platform well and are ready to tell about their findings to those who encounter it for the first time. Especially when it comes to Exante broker, which has never yet disappointed new clients. There are individual accounts, blockchain, three jurisdictions, and much more. You need to find out more information about the accounts.

Demo account and its features

Important information about demo accounts is an unquestionable advantage for all clients without exception. And while beginners need the opportunity to hone their skills without losing money, experienced traders understand that a demo account will not be excessive. Its specific features, which you can read about on the website, include:

● a permanent and easily replenishable supply of virtual euros in the account;

● opportunity to conclude an unlimited number of transactions;

● testing of test strategies, new techniques, and risk justification!

And with a demo account, you can freely learn the interface of the trading platform, gaining practical skills. The financial catalog is fully accessible from the demo account; you can view all positions in it – there are more than 300 thousand of them; you can also freely move from one world market to another – there are more than 50 of them. And the connection quality is always the same with 750 always-on servers.

You can also check the work of the support service from the demo account. If you need help, you need to make a request. By the way, registered users can submit requests to add financial instruments to the catalog. Or ask for help when you need to fund a single multi-account with a corresponding currency.

A little about multi-account and other advantages of the terminal

An exclusive development of the company is a multi-account. Convenient and practical, it combines everything traders want to have. Instead of the usual multiple accounts for every new currency type, a multi-account, in combination with auto-conversion, creates precisely the currency unit you need in a given moment. Moreover, auto-conversion can be canceled and then reconnected – the trader will determine what they need.

Many people prefer to use gadgets to make deals because it is not always possible to conduct trading operations from the office. The company has a mobile application that does not take up much space, is quick to download, and is easy to install.

EXANTE Broker Reviews focus on another interesting point – the company’s financial terms and conditions. Here there is pleasant coordinated work for the benefit of clients. The commissions are minimal in size; their variety is limited to only two types. First, withdrawals and transactions are the operations that customers pay for without affecting their income.

The second issue regarding financial conditions relates to margin. The requirements are straightforward: guarantee the transaction with cash assets and own securities if the finances in the account are insufficient. The size of the requirements is given in the instrument settings.

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