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Flamingo Shop claims to be your ideal website for exploring your playful fashion side. They guarantee that all your clothes and accessories will be from well-known brands.

Instead of charging exorbitant charges, they have opted to provide you with their items at a reasonable price. Even though there is no indication of the owner or parent firm, I am aware that they are based in Hong Kong.

With so many quick fashion businesses on the internet, it’s difficult to tell which ones are genuine. We will discuss today and see if it’s safe to trust Flamingo with our decent Flamingo Leggings Reviews, let’s get started.

Flamingo has an average of 3.6 stars out of 2,846 reviews, this isn’t bad considering the big number of reviews, we can consider it average or even above average.

Flamingo Leggings Reviews

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Shopping leggings from Flamingo are just the same quality as any other item they provide, let’s get started with our reviews.

Positive Reviews

Starting our Flamingo Leggings Reviews, let’s go with the positive reviews from some trusted customers that have been delivered some goods from Flamingo, let’s see how it has gone.

  • Ordering was a pleasant experience. I was a newcomer to the site, and the new member discount did not apply when I placed my transaction. I contacted someone through email, and the answer was prompt, and the discount was applied without difficulty!
  • The Legging is amazing, they stretch, which I adore, and I now own 5 pairs with plans to purchase many more!!
  • The size chart is correct! I’m 7 months postpartum and no longer fit into any of my existing outfits. I went on a whim and got two pairs of jeans from here… AMAZING! I am not at all disappointed! I will buy from you again!!

    Also, with everything happening and how delayed shipments have been, delivery took a long time! I’m pleased with my purchase!

Negative Reviews

Now, after we have seen how well the purchasing from Flamingo can go, let’s see how bad it can be from some of the experiences.

  • I was overjoyed to receive this two-piece outfit; however, the material does not match the description. I was disappointed after waiting for weeks to receive it since the fabric had no elasticity at all. It has the feel of very inexpensive cotton stuff. Also, I ordered a 2x and it fit well on my daughter, who is a size moderate.
  • What happened to my order? I ordered it 6 days ago, thus I should be able to track it by now. I’m beginning to suspect that this is a fraudulent website.
  • I placed an order about three weeks ago and have yet to get or a tracking number. I can’t locate a customer support number to call!
  • I’m enraged. I purchased a 2x and it appears to be an X Small. This will be the last time I purchase anything online. This occurs regularly. I’ll be out of money by the time I send it back for a refund. I was quite enthusiastic about this outfit and had been anticipating it for a long time. Just because it’s too little


Is it worth buying from Flamingo?

As you can see in the reviews that we have shown, the quality is all good, and there are many other decent qualities in the Flamingo Leggings, but there is a problem that I find weird and hard to trust for me.

And the problem is that they can take time to deliver the clothes, and you don’t have the option to track them! And some customers are saying that the clothes can be in another size. So, you can balance it and see if this works for you!

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