Global CTB: A Beguiling Crypto Brokerage Firm


Finding a crypto trade partner has become very difficult nowadays. One of the reasons for this difficulty is the mushroom growth of crypto trading/brokerage firms. Since the sector is business, these brokerage firms are decentralized; therefore, joining a fraudulent firm cannot be ignored. So the first step towards crypto trading is to search for a genuine trade partner like Global CTB.

Genuineness of Global CTB

Global CTBwas formed by crypto enthusiasts in 2016. Since its inception to date, there have been more than six years. This is fair enough time to judge the credibility of any business. However, to give a wider picture, this Global CTB Review will help the readers understand why and what is this “Global CTB.”

Global CTB is currently ranked amongst the crypto brokerage firms that fall within the tier-2 category of crypto trading firms. This means that it is a crypto trading firm suitable for every type of trader. Investors with deep or small pockets are part of this globally renowned crypto brokerage firm.

Most importantly, and above all other things, in the decentralized crypto market, Global CTB is creating a difference by being a registered business. So the firm is duly accountable for any wrongdoings if they ever happen. This is a guarantee that investors and their funds are safe with Global CTB no matter what happens to the firm at any stage.

Why Global CTB is Investors’ Choice

Over the years, Global CTB has earned a reputation of being a major player in global crypto trading. It is widely popular amongst international investors for its trade accounts, efficiency in trading, security, and exceptional customer service. The firm has never compromised on any of the four traits, which has made it an investors’ choice crypto broker.

Trading Account Setup

Handling and maintaining a trade account is necessary for anyone to trade crypto through Global CTB. There have been six trading accounts that have been developed by Global CTB. Each account can be utilized for trading crypto or other tradable assets such as commodities, forex, etc. There are features such as account manager, trade signals, leverage, bonuses, fees, etc. For instance, the trade accounts of Bronze, Silver, and Gold has basic but benefitting features. However, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP accounts have extra features that are better and bigger than the Bronze, Silver, and Gold ones.

Global CTB’s customers rate these accounts on an average of 9.5 out of 10.

Trading Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to the automatic expansion of any business. If efficiency is low, the company never grows, and instead, it falls. In the case of Global CTB, the efficiency is on a very high level. Each trading transaction is lightning fast and accurate. Similarly, the trade tools of Global CTB make transactions more efficient and robust. Against Global CTB’s trading efficiency, the customers rate the efficiency at 9.8.


Security is a must for every brokerage firm, whether in normal tradable or digital assets. A person would not be a part of a firm where funds are stolen or security breaches often occur. Again, the security level of Global CTB is top-notch; therefore, the customers give security a score of 9.6.

Customer Support

At last, none of the businesses can thrive if the customer support is weak or not as international standards. Customer support is the area that cannot be compromised; otherwise, there is no point in engaging in the customer service business. Fortunately, Global CTB has one of the best customer support teams and staff available in the market today. Global CTB’s customer support is given a score of 9.4 out of 10.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, it is easy to determine the genuineness of Global CTB and its crypto trade business. The firm enjoys a 9.6 overall score at the global level in terms of rendering crypto trade services. So for enjoying an optimal crypto trading experience, Global CTB surely is the best choice.

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