Gold Rings for Men: Which Finger Should They Be Worn On?


Many men are uncomfortable wearing gold rings that aren’t wedding bands, while others are reluctant to wear jewelry due to their inability to accessorize. When it comes to their regular wardrobe, men should be more willing to experiment.

High-end fashion houses like Vaibhav Jewellers have started selling men’s gold rings with artisanal details that won’t break the bank but will make you stand out from the crowd without sacrificing your sense of style.

As a fashion accessory, they are pretty OK to wear.

Though it’s tempting to go overboard, there are a few points to keep in mind before you load up your hand with too many gold ring designs for men.

The catch is…


Your ring’s final resting place should be determined by personal preference, functionality, and comfortability. Although custom may dictate otherwise, you should wear your finger adornment in any way you like. But if you’re particular or just lost, different ring fingers have different meanings.


It is an essential stop for bachelors with big plans for the future. When you first want to test the waters of men’s gold rings, your pinky can give you a leg up. For one, it won’t hinder your ability to use your hands because it’s not on a functional finger. Secondly, it doesn’t signify anything specific; you put a ring on that finger for aesthetic reasons, not because it’s expected of you.

Pinky rings became commonplace after their introduction in The Godfather. Many took their cue from King Charles, who, in keeping with royal tradition, wears his signet ring on his left pinky above his wedding band.


The thumb is like a supersized index finger. First of all, your huge thumb calls for a big ring. Thumb gold ring designs for men are also unusual, so you can stand out from the crowd by wearing a unique statement band in a nontraditional spot.

However, this also means that a thumb ring is an effective approach to drawing attention to yourself if you’re a man who enjoys making a bold fashion statement. Keep the remainder of your hand relatively empty; a pinky ring and a thumb ring are sufficient to mark your presence.


The name gives the game away. The wedding band is the most prevalent type of ring worn by men, specifically in Western cultures, and is often worn on the ring finger of the left hand. However, ring styling has significantly shifted over the past few years. Go with what feels natural to you; for example, a lefty might discover that it rests more comfortably on their right hand, where it won’t get in the way of their other activities.


When all the other fingers on your hand are occupied, the middle finger is usually the last to receive a ring. It’s not left bare following custom; its proximity to your active index finger makes it an ideal target. Because of its close closeness to the other fingers, a ring that is too heavy may feel uncomfortable, while a piece that is too light would seem out of place on your middle finger. Therefore, you find yourself in limbo between two worlds. So, it would be best if you chose from gold ring designs for men that strike a perfect balance and up your style game.


The most important rings have always been worn on the index finger. Rings on the index finger were once only allowed for members of the nobility.

But these days, anyone can do so. Chunky, three-dimensional gold rings look great on an index finger if you know how to carry them well.

Final words:

Many men now wear gold rings for aesthetic reasons rather than as a sign of commitment to a partner. And this trend has become quite popular. A ring can be anything from high-end occasion jewelry to a cool funky piece you wear to your night out with friends. The key is that what you put on should say something about who you are, whether you wear them alone or stacked on any finger.

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