Handful tips for Great Event Photography

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An event holds a significant significance for clients. Clients spend fortunes to host a perfect event, whether a party, birthday, wedding or corporate gathering. Professional photographer services play a key role in making an event worth remembering! 

With social media coming into play, it becomes even more of a responsibility for photographers to capture perfect shots that are insta worthy. This blog will discuss a handful of photography tips for a memorable event.

1. Do your recce

Recce is a critical pre-production stage where the team usually visits the site before the shoot. Take your camera lenses and your crew to visualize how you will take shots. We suggest creating a shot list that will save your time on the D-Day.

2. Mind the Frame

We understand capturing an event can be a hectic task but make sure you adjust your framing beforehand. Don’t leave this job for the post-editing process; the frame is equivalent to capturing the perfect timing of the picture.

Following the rule of thirds, it divides your frame into a similar composition. You can try to create your structures & find a perfect shot but make sure the ratio looks suitable enough.

3. Focus on Candid Photography 

Take a look around the room, observe how people interact, and then wait until the ideal opportunity. I usually find it helpful to seem as if you’re looking about the room while focusing on a nice image so that people aren’t aware that they’re going to be taken, which can ruin the moment.

I’ll get into position, and as soon as the opportunity presents itself, I’ll point my camera and shoot the photo.

4. Shoot in Burst Mode

When it comes to event moments that span only a few seconds, burst mode will help you capture them. Burst mode allows you to take many images in a short period by just holding down the shutter button.

When photographing fast-moving events such as sports or concerts, burst mode comes in helpful. However, it should also be utilized to capture fleeting events, such as the first kiss between the bride and groom or someone blowing out birthday candles. In these fast and vital moments, burst mode will record every action frame.

5. Analyze around you & read emotions

Read the room’s energy and look for expressions to capture their feelings. These are the moments that customers don’t expect to see but which end up being their favorite images. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to predict when someone may have an emotional reaction. Therefore, the best technique to catch these emotions is to set up your camera and wait for them to develop spontaneously. This will help you arrange your photograph appropriately while capturing a realistic expression.

6. Reach Early

Reach the event site at least 2 hours early, as you may capture the making of the event. Arrive early enough before the event to provide time to set up your camera and explore the area.

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