Home Security 2021: Here Is How You Can Protect Your Windows

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If you are not sure by now then here is a proven fact: your home windows are the easy place to enter to your home. Here we are talking about burglars and not guests, for the door works great. Burglars think of your windows as the easiest way and their first choice to quickly scan your house, grab the things they want, and then get out of your home from the windows.

If you want to make your home protected you need to take the necessary preventative measures. You need to make sure that your windows are burglarproof, you have installed the right tools to monitor your windows, and have a home security tool for general home protection.

If you are looking for a complete home security packages the Cox homelife is well-known for providing security equipment, home automation accessories, and a more easily set up process to protect your home from any foul play.

To keep things simple the Cox Homelife offers two packages to its customers. The basic home security package focuses on basic home security while the preferred package has home animation like thermostat control and light control. You can expand the packages by adding other accessories to make your home smart and protected.

While this was about the general protection of the home, if we focus on windows only then some tips can help you in keeping the home windows protected.

Keep your Windows Locked

We know we might sound obvious here but a lot of people tend to give zero attention to windows lock. It is important to maintain a regular practice of checking all the window locks in your home before you run for an errand or even step a foot out of your house. Home burglars are more likely to live in a place where they believe that the inhabitants are either sleep or are preparing to go out of the house for a day or more.

One of the most popular entry points for home burglars is the basement windows. This is because most people when leaving home or sleeping tend to forget about checking the basement windows. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your basement windows are secure and locked.

Majority of the home windows come with a locking mechanism but if you are stuck with old windows, you need to chip in some money to install additional locking features.

Install Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are amazing. Motions sensors detect movement outside of the house and act as a great tool to keep burglars at a bay. A number of home security come with motion sensors in their security system. If you manage to place motion detectors on every window in your house, you will be able to detect if your window is open for a possible breach.

The motion detectors will trigger an alarm if they find unusual triggering movement. This alarm can also often frighten the burglars from continuing to break into your house, and if not the alarm will alert you to call the police. Moreover, these motion sensors when connected to the main control panel can automatically alert the authorities if the sensors are triggered.

Install Bars or Grills

By installing a windows bar or grill to your home security pattern, you will definitely feel a sense of security at home. The metal bars and grill have proven to create difficult passages for the burglars. It takes a lot of effort for the burglars to enter your house through windows that are protected with bars or grills.

The installation of bar and grill requires professional installation which might be a little pricier when compared to other home security options but it is still worth considering.

If you think that the bar or grill will make your home look like a jail then there are many design options available. These designs can raise the visual appeal of your house and upscale the home security.

Never leave home unprotected

Safeguarding your home might be hard. However, with some amazing home security tools and equipment’s, you can upscale your home protection.

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