How Can You Maximize Your Jewelry’s Resale Value and Get The Best Price?

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When you want to sell your jewelry online, it is critical to make the right decisions to ensure you can get the best price for it. With modern technology, you can sell your jewelry online or follow the traditional route of visiting pawn shops. Nevertheless, various factors such as imperfections and certifications cause jewelry’s resale prices to fluctuate between extremes on the market.

So, how can you determine the appropriate balance and get the perfect offer for your gold? Find best recommendation for selling your pre-owned jewelry.


Sell Your Jewelry Online or Use Alternative Mediums


You can find different mediums through which you can conduct your sale. The following are three primary means you can use for your deal, and understanding them enables you to pick the medium that best suits your preferences:


  1. Online Marketplace

When seeking an online marketplace, you want to find a reliable and trustworthy option. It is advisable to research and compare the potential earnings you will get because different sites incorporate different percentages on the final cut of your piece’s sale. Notably, some online marketplaces offer a higher percentage of your final resale price than traditional mediums like consignment stores. As a result, selling online presents one of the best options when dealing with pre-owned pieces. Moreover, the sizable online users available globally mean you can expose your jewelry to a broader base of potential clients.


  1. Auction

An auction presents an unpredictable opportunity where you can get a resale price far beyond its potential worth or one far below it. Using an auction is a gamble since the auction house may not accept your jewelry if it does not meet its strict qualifications. If it passes, you need to pay additional fees linked with putting up a piece for an in-person auction. After this, the resale depends on the participants, meaning you can get very little if your piece does not attract them. On the other hand, you can run into interested buyers whose competition can drive up the resale value past its potential worth at a pawnshop.


  1. Consignment

Using a consignment store offers one of the safer options for selling your pre-owned jewelry. Typically, the shop takes a specific cut of your earnings when the item sells and gives you the rest. When it does not sell, it also returns the piece to you, meaning you do not risk total loss, even in a failed resale endeavor. The biggest downside to this medium is a lack of control over your jewelry’s display, with poor placement resulting in fewer people viewing your piece.


Aside from this, it is also essential to pick a consignment store close to your living area. A convenient location allows you to move easily between the store and your home to pick up your earnings or items. Notably, you want to feel comfortable in the consignment store where you intend to Sell Your Jewelry Online. For instance, you can look for another shop if you walk into a certain store and receive disrespectful treatment. Experiencing poor customer service means other clients may experience the same and turn away people from the location, lowering your potential buyers.


Now that you know the various mediums of sale available, what can you do to ensure you get the best value when you sell your jewelry online?


  • Curate a Description For Your Pre-Owned Jewelry.

You skillfully want to curate a description for your pre-owned jewelry because experts utilize this information to establish an initial quote. The more details you incorporate, the better because more information can prompt an interested party to purchase it. You can include your valuables’ certifications and branded box information if you have them. Such information is critical since jewelry with these accessories typically sells for more than the same item missing the papers or packaging.


Aside from these, it is necessary to add the model’s specifications from the manufacturer. It would also be best to inform potential buyers about any scratches, nicks, or flaws on your piece. It is essential to mention any missing or broken parts and other imperfections since they directly influence the jewelry’s price.


When you Sell Your Jewelry Online, you can find some marketplaces with a submission form to help you describe the valuables. Such forms make it more comfortable when you are busy or new to the resale market. In addition, you want to upload high-resolution photos of the piece so that a buyer can know what they are getting.


  • Skillfully Clean Your Jewelry

Expertly cleaning your jewelry involves removing dirt and stains and repairing it without compromising its original structure’s integrity. Various gemstones and metals incorporate different cleaning methods, which you should systematically follow for best results. Generally, it is advisable to wipe your valuables routinely using a polishing cloth and store them in a jewelry box with a soft fabric inner lining. The box also needs to have anti-tarnish strips that prevent your piece from tarnishing.


If your jewelry integrates delicate gemstones like pearls in its design, you want to clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaners and submerging the pearls in water to prevent irreversible damage since some cleaning solutions dissolve the gemstone. Even though you can find some cleaning techniques suggesting baking soda utility, the abrasive ingredient can scratch softer metals and stones. In addition, it is essential not to wipe the gemstone with paper because the fibers can scratch the piece.


When you have metal pieces, you can clean them using the least abrasive cleaners. Unlike pearl jewelry, you can submerge the metal types in a bowl of warm water mixed with two drops of mild soap. Let the jewelry stay in the solution for a few minutes, and if it is quite dirty, you can carefully scrub it with a new baby-sized and soft-bristled toothbrush. After this, rinse the piece in lukewarm water because some gemstones can react to drastic changes in temperature. Next, you remove it from the water and wipe it dry using a polishing cloth.


You can seek guidance from a professional in your local jeweler on cleaning different metal types, including white gold, silver, mixed-metal, and tarnished gold. It is best to avoid homemade cleaning solutions when your gem is not white, blue, or red and find a professional cleaning service. Other than diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, gemstones incorporate fickle properties that you can easily damage without specific and expert care.


Regardless of the jewelry type you own, it is best to clean your piece via a professional since they ensure thorough cleaning without damages.


  • Understand The Current Jewelry Market

Understanding the current jewelry market prices is critical since it helps you determine the price to target when you try to sell Your Jewelry Online. It ensures you can prevent losses from undervaluing your item and improve your negotiation with a potential buyer. Besides, you can avoid unnecessary disappointments from receiving a low offer after overvaluing and overpricing your jewelry. You can also study similar items and compare their selling prices to help you develop an accurate average resale value.


Furthermore, you can better grasp the current jewelry market by searching your piece’s current price using its serial number. Using this information, you can better evaluate and understand online marketplaces, auction houses, or jewelers’ reliability via the resale terms they offer. As a result, you can determine that your jeweler or online dealer has the necessary expertise to facilitate a smooth transaction. Notably, this search also enables you to learn further details about your item and its manufacturer, which come in handy when preparing your description.


  • Research Your Buyer Before Closing The Deal

The last thing you want to experience is someone running off with your prized item because you failed to identify a suspicious situation. Researching your buyer enables you to evaluate different information to establish facts and identify any potential risk of fraud. It is vital to ascertain that the enterprise or individual you are engaging with is trustworthy and will not disappear with your valuables mid-transaction.


Technological advancements mean you have a double-edged sword in online marketplaces, where you can get more secure websites and highly intelligent fraudsters. Therefore, you want to verify the websites’ addresses and contact details to establish their existence. You also want to survey various feedback about the sites through customer reviews, helping you gauge the marketplaces’ legitimacy.


Apart from these, you can research the online marketplaces’ safety records and policies to ensure the safe handling of your jewelry during a transaction. You can check if the website offers secure services like insured shipping and shipping labels for accurate transportation and storage. In addition, you can look into the payment method offered by the sites, such as wire transfer or check, letting you select your preferred option.


Similarly, you want to look up a jeweler of interest before engaging in business with them. You can visit a well-established jeweler shop since the long history offers proof of reliability while ensuring better evaluation and resale price through their expertise. Researching the store’s reputation by reading customer reviews helps you know its dependability. You can also directly go to the establishment to assess its genuineness by experiencing the customer service offered. A reputable jeweler focuses on finding new clients and retaining their company, and so they will be upfront about their policies and terms of resale.


Using the information above, you can better care for your jewelry before a resale to ensure you get the highest price possible. Additionally, the research tips provided ensure you stay in the loop about the jewelry market, minimizing the risks of under-selling your valuables or encountering frauds. At Diamond Banc, we have highly trained and qualified experts to evaluate your jewelry, accounting for each value-adding factor when preparing an offer. Visit us today for more information and access jewelry selling services in a secure process.

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