How to change Microsoft password : The process of changing and its benefits are here!

How to change Microsoft password


The benefits of changing a Microsoft password are very important and for that here you will come to know about the process of How to change a Microsoft password very easily. It will surely help you very effectively and you can be able to get huge benefits from this article for sure. Your devices are storing some vital information that is very sensitive. So, if you want to keep your all data safe, then you have to be very careful and need to follow some rules to protect your data well. And it is very important to have a Microsoft password for your account first. And it should be unique at the same time as well. Because day by day cyber crimes are increasing very badly. So, keep reading and know how can you protect your Microsoft account by just changing your password.

Some reasons to change your Microsoft password

As mentioned before, your computer carries a lot of sensitive information and you have to protect all data very well. And as per research, 80 percent of cyber crimes are happening for licking personal data, and if you want to protect yourself from that then you have to be very careful and always try to use one of the strongest security options for your Microsoft account. Now, let’s find out some reasons to change the password before knowing about the process of changing it.

Enhance cyber security:

If you can be able to change your Microsoft password on regular basis then you can be able to get some best services for sure. And the best part is, you can be able to enhance cyber security very well. And when you are using one password for a very long time or several accounts then it can be very risky and your account going to be hacked as well. So, you just need to change your password and use your brain and make some uniqueness in your password.

how to change microsoft password
how to change microsoft password

You can limit guesswork:

If you are using any password for a long time then you are also increasing the risk of someone guessing the password as well. It sounds weird but it happens. So, be careful, if someone watching you typing your password or trying to guess your password then change your password immediately.

Prevent the use of saved passwords:

Sometimes, you may change your device or lose your device and in that case, it will be possible for someone to access your accounts very well. But if you can’t your password regularly then you can protect your account well.

How to change Microsoft password

Now, here you came to know all the processes and steps to change your Microsoft password very easily. You just need to follow some simple steps. Such as,

  • First, you have to go to your Microsoft account and if you are not already signed in then sign in with your username and password to update your account.
  • Now, you have to go to the setting option and after that select the security option. In this case, you may need to put your password again for accessing sensitive settings.
  • Now, click on the password option there and select Change my Password.
how to change microsoft password
how to change microsoft password
  • Then you will see that one new page is opening and there you have to put your current password and your new password as well.
  • Now, you have to click on the Save option.
  • Now Your Microsoft password is updated.

This is a very easy and simple process but if you are facing any difficulties changing the password by using the mentioned process. Then you will find there another option called Reset your Microsoft account password. You just need to click on that and you have to provide some essential data there. And your password will be updated very soon.

Final thought

Now, you may come to know the process of changing your Microsoft password very well. So, be careful about your sensitive data and information well. And try to change your password after one or two weeks to protect your account well. You do not need to go anywhere for this, you can do it now on your own.