How to Get Started with Kickboxing in London

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If you are looking for exercise that works on both your body and mind, consider kickboxing. The high-energy cardio activity burns upwards of 400 calories in an hour and works on your entire body; legs, hands, glutes, chest, and belly at once. It is also a great way to release tension, anger, and frustration in your daily life.

However, based on what many people see in movies, a large number of people are afraid of getting started. Anybody can take on kickboxing as a sport to keep fit and learn a new defensive skill. With time, you will build stamina, improve your body coordination and flexibility, and end up with lean muscles. The process of getting started and conditioning your body to stay fit is fun too.

What is Kickboxing?

When you sign up for a kickboxing class, an experienced instructor takes you through the course where you will learn choreographed movements of kicks, punches, and knee strikes. There will also be some fast-paced music in the background. The punches that you will learn in the training include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts.

You will also practice lower body movements that include front kicks, knee strikes, back kicks, sidekicks, and roundhouse kicks. Before you take up the defense movements, the instructor will take you through several physical exercises to ensure that your muscles are flexible and enhance your stability. 

At the start of martial arts classes in London, a warm-up period is performed, that will include static and dynamic stretching. As well as this, there will be a cool-down period to reduce the chances of injury after leaving the studio. Each class may take between half an hour and an hour, depending on the studio.

Despite the name, you will not be fighting anyone at the studio. All the moves and strikes will be thrown into the air or onto a specifically designed pad. Therefore, there is no chance that you may get injured when undertaking a fitness activity.

Who Should Enrol in a Kickboxing Class?

Kickboxing is a great fitness exercise for people who would like to burn calories fast and improve their heart rate and stamina. It differs from other exercises such as treadmills and stair steppers in that you do not have to keep repeating the same movements each day. You do not need any background in martial arts or boxing to excel in this class.

You may take the class even if you have underlying conditions such as joint problems and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Any condition that can be improved through exercise will not get worse when you join a kickboxing class. However, if you are always out of breath and feel like fainting, you may want to check with your doctor before attending a martial arts class.

How Do You Begin?

Start by looking for classes like Xen-Do martial arts in London, and enrolling for a free trial. For the first class, ensure you have the following:

• Get comfortable clothing that you normally wear when going to the gym. You should also wear comfortable shoes. There are gyms that give you the option of taking a kickboxing class on bare feet.

• Grab a bottle of water and get a small towel to dehydrate and wipe the sweat.

• Find a spot in the middle or near the last line of the class. When you are new, you want to have someone in front of you at all times in whichever direction you move so that you are able to follow with ease.

• Be consistent in your attendance. It takes several sessions to tone your body for optimal flexibility and fitness. When you take long breaks between sessions, you will undo all the progress made beforehand. You also require about three sessions a week, which are easy to fit into your schedule.

What to Expect in a Kickboxing Class

Here is what to expect when you join a kickboxing class.

• Lots of Movement: There will be lots of hand and leg movement. That is why you need comfortable clothing and shoes.

• Lots of sweating: You will sweat a lot from the very first lesson. Get an absorbent towel to wipe it from your face. If possible, consider removing all makeup before heading to the studio.

• Fatigue: Kickboxing classes in London are intensive. Like any other exercise, you are bound to feel tired after each session. Do not give up. You will get better as your body gets conditioned.

• Fun: As you get used to the exercise, it will be more intriguing and fun. Most people are usually enjoying their self-defense classes on their fifth attendance.


Are you ready to learn a new kickboxing skill as you keep your body and mind in shape? Look no further! Contact Xen-Do Martial Arts to book a free session. You will be trained by professional instructors in a secure and fun environment. 

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