Easy methods to Know Actuality

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How to Know Reality

Almighty God’s Phrase "How to Know Reality"
Almighty God says, "If individuals are to know God, they need to first know that God is the actual God, and should know God’s words, God’s actual look within the flesh, and God’s actual work. Solely after realizing that each one of God’s work is actual will you be capable to truly cooperate with God, and solely by this path will you be capable to obtain the expansion of your life. All those that haven’t any data of actuality haven’t any technique of experiencing God’s phrases, they’re ensnared of their conceptions, they reside of their creativeness, and thus they haven’t any data of God’s phrases. The better your data of actuality, the nearer you might be to God, and the extra intimate you might be with Him; the extra you search vagueness and abstraction, and doctrine, the additional you’ll stray from God, and so the extra you’ll really feel that experiencing God’s phrases is strenuous and troublesome, and that you’re incapable of entry. In case you want to enter the truth of God’s phrases, and onto the fitting monitor of your non secular life, you need to first know actuality and separate your self from obscure and supernatural issues—which is to say, first you need to perceive how the Holy Spirit truly enlightens and guides you from inside. On this approach, for those who can really grasp the Holy Spirit’s actual work inside you, you’ll have entered onto the fitting monitor of being made good by God."

Picture Supply: The Church of Almighty God

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