How to Plan a Bar Mitzvah

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Is your child’s bar mitzvah around the corner? If so, you’re likely feeling stressed about how to plan the event.

You want to make sure your son is prepared for the rituals and the readings on the day. This includes improving his Hebrew!

You’ve also got to make sure the event is grand and has an abundance of delicious food and entertainment.

Oh, and you’ve got to send out invitations — RIGHT NOW!

But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Here’s how you can plan the perfect bar mitzvah:

Bar Mitzvah Invitations

The first step is to make sure you confirm the date at your local synagogue. You want to make sure you do this as soon as possible as availability might be scarce.

Once you’ve done this, make sure to start printing bar mitzvah invitations right away. As you print the invitations, make sure you send emails and text messages to your guests.

This is a great way to request them to “save the date” for the event. You can also use this as an opportunity to answer their questions about the event. For example, you can advise them on the appropriate gifts for a bar mitzvah.

Planning the Event

The next step is to prepare everyone for the bar mitzvah. You have to make sure your son is well-versed in the Torah and in pronouncing Hebrew correctly.

While he’ll still read directly from the Torah on the day of the event, you want to make sure he gets to practice first.

You also want to make sure you coordinate with everyone else. Everyone from the caterers to the entertainers needs to rehearse their role. You want to consult with the caterers on the appropriate bar mitzvah food. Likewise, the entertainers can help with the bar mitzvah decorations.

It’s best to hold a rehearsal a few times each week. This ensures that the bar mitzvah won’t have any major blunders on the day of the event!

Find Your Photographer

Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to document the rehearsals and the event. You want the photographer to take pictures of the family before the event gets busy.

You want to also make sure they stick around to photograph the bar mitzvah and reception. Ask them if they offer photo printing and digital imaging services.

You only want to choose a photographer who has experience photographing bar mitzvahs. They’ll know what moments to capture and not miss out on anything important.

You can also hire a videographer to document the event. This is a great option if you have guests who won’t be able to attend. You can share the video with them as well as look back on it in years to come!

See You at the Bar Mitzvah

Now you’ll be better prepared to plan an upcoming bar mitzvah for your son!

Make sure you start by scheduling the date as soon as possible. Start informing your guests of the date as you print official bar mitzvah invitations.

The next step is to create an itinerary for everyone to follow. Make sure you rehearse the event several times before the big day.

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