How to select the best wall clock for the living room

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A wall clock is an excellent addition to a room. It can sometimes be hard filling up empty walls that make your interiors boring. A modern wall clock can be your thing if you like to style with functionality. If you’ve moved into a new house or you are planning to revamp your home, a classy wall clock should be on top of your list. A wall clock is a functional piece that can serve as a statement piece for your interiors. Choosing to buy a wall clock online might sound simple, but there are several keys that you should consider to find the perfect pick for you. Below are some expert tips to help you choose the best wall clock for your living room. 

How to choose the right wall clock design?

When you explore the internet, you’ll discover that there are several options for every home decor in India and so goes for wall clocks online. There will be many designs you’ll adore. Different styles, with further details, bring a plush air of charm to the room. The type of your wall clock will depend on the kind of interiors you have. A contemporary-style home can be graced with a sleek and modern wall clock. If you have a vintage-style room, go for a bolder and retro statement piece. It will have elaborate detailing and dark colours. For a minimalist home, you must choose simple yet classy designs. Wall clock online with roman numerals as the hour symbols alleviate the grace of a simple design. You can choose a quirky wall clock online for boho rooms, pieces that look stunning with accent hues. 

What kind of wall clock should you choose? 

There are several wall clocks types you can consider. Vintage wall clocks enhance the room’s ambiance and oomph. If you’re someone who likes it the old-school way, go for analog wall clocks. These come in Arabic number systems and Roman, making it look no less than a modern wall clock. These are the classics, and you must have one in your home too. You can also choose an open movement wall clock. These don’t have a glass case and are available with a rustic chance. They are used as stand-alone pieces in your room. Buy exuberant home decor in India and complement it with this solitary piece to make your room look chic. You can also add character to your walls with a double band wall clock. These wall decor pieces look very trendy and spruce up your space. 

What material should you choose? 

You can get a variety of wall clocks online made up of different materials. If you have a vintage-style room decor, you can also choose a wooden wall clock online. Wood is heavy, so make sure you select a sturdy place to hang it. Another option is to opt for metallic wall clocks. They look uber cool and stylish, bringing a view of luxury to the room. 

How to choose the right colour? 

The great key to deciding the wall decor colour is to make sure you choose the right contrast against the wall. Choose a dark, bold wall clock online if your walls are traditionally white-colored. Choose a minimalist, light-colored wall clock for an accent wall with dark colours. You can get home decor items in India online and style them to make all styles and colours look cohesive. For example, for a beige coloured wall, choose a blue or orange coloured modern wall clock online that matches your rug or accent furniture. 

Where to hang a wall clock in the living room? 

The living room is the most common and appropriate place to hang a wall clock. The best place to do so in the living room is above the center of the largest furniture in the room. For example, you can hang it on the wall against the sofa. It is generally placed across the room from your couch. Though the location of a wall clock is an important thing to consider, if you choose the right wall clock online, it would look equally amazing everywhere. When you select trusted hands for your home decor in India, some websites offer a room full of grandeur. One of these websites is Dekor Company. Check out their website to grab the best accent furniture and decor online. 

What should be the size of a wall clock? 

Consider the size of your room first and then the size of the wall you want to hang it on. Your modern wall clock must not look clumsy in a cluttered space. The size of the wall clock online must match the proportions of the wall. Don’t shy away from going big. Large-sized wall clocks not only look beautiful but also speak class. 

These were some important points to consider before buying a wall clock online for your living room. Remember that your living room is the first thing that your guest notices. Try to make it look as striking and eye-catchy as possible. Play along with different styles, designs, and colours to let your room steal glances.

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