Julia butterfly.

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Julia butterfly.

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Dryas iulia (typically incorrectly spelled julia), generally known as the Julia Butterfly, Julia Heliconian, The Flame, or Flambeau, is a species of brush-footed butterfly. The only consultant of its genus Dryas, it’s native from Brazil to southern Texas and Florida, and in summer season can typically be discovered as far north as jap Nebraska. Over 15 subspecies have been described.

Its wingspan ranges from 82 to 92 mm, and it’s coloured orange (brighter in male specimens) with black markings; this species is considerably unpalatable to birds and belongs to the "orange" Batesian mimic complicated.

This butterfly is a quick flier and frequents clearings, paths, and margins of forests and woodlands. It feeds on the nectar of flowers, reminiscent of lantanas (Lantana) and Shepherd’s-needle (Scandix pecten-veneris), and the tears of caiman, the attention of which the butterfly irritates to supply tears. Its caterpillars feeds on leaves of ardour vines together with Passiflora affinis and Yellow Passionflower (P. lutea) in Texas.

The species is in style in butterfly homes as a result of it’s long-lived and lively all through the day.

Pure Historical past Museum, Butterfly Pavilion. Los Angeles, Califonria.

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