Living Alone: Helping You Feel Safer in Your House

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For many individuals, living alone comes with tons of positive perks, both for physical and mental wellness. For one, you can have your personal space for storage and privacy without needing permission or opinion from another person. You can have the entire house for yourself when you need to unwind, rest, or do your hobbies. In short, you live by your own rules and get to know yourself better.

But besides all these lifestyle benefits, there’s one common concern that comes with living alone — safety. For instance, you need to think about floor and fire, which can happen if you don’t properly maintain your home. Accidents and injuries are also likely to occur unexpectedly. Not to mention the security issue threats such as home intrusions or burglary. Read on to find out the best tricks you can do to keep yourself and your home from safety and security problems. 

Schedule maintenance checks

A leaking AC unit can release gas in your home that can pose health risks. The gas comes from the evaporated coolant leak from the AC, which can also lead to increased heart rate, skin dryness, and irritation. The gas can even contaminate your water sources and lead to life-threatening health problems. Avoid this by scheduling regular AC repair service to keep your unit in the best working condition. AC repair Las vegas professionals cannot only ensure health and safety but also prevent damage to your unit.

Other utilities to maintain your plumbing and heating systems to prevent potential safety and health issues. If you have a security or fire safety system, inspect them regularly, from smoke detectors to door alarms. In addition to that, you can prevent potential home fires by responsibly storing flammable liquids and maintaining a clean cooking area. As for your house’s structure, watch out for wall cracks or leaking roofs. Call on a local contract to get them fixed and prevent any safety risk.

Buy essential emergency apparatus 

Accidents are things waiting to happen, even if you’re inside your home. Unlike what most homeowners assume, burglars are not the only big problem in house safety. You’d also need to be prepared for a natural disaster. If you’re living in a residential building, make sure you know where the exit doors and fire escapes are. Check if they are accessible and not blocked.

The first thing you need in your emergency is flashlights. You can opt for non-removable rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries. If you want something with better performance, rechargeable NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) AA types are ideal, especially when the power is out for a long time. Other things you’ll need include diffused lights, water purifiers, propane camp stoves, portable chargers, hand-crank radios, and a first aid kit.

Get to know your neighbors

Considering you’re residing in a safe neighborhood, it’s best to find people you trust and be comfortable with. You’re not only making friends, but you also get to have someone to look after your house when you’re gone. If you have introverted tendencies, don’t be afraid of your neighbors. You don’t have to be close friends with them either. You need more eyes to look after your house.

They can also alert you in case of a serious emergency or help you keep an eye on suspicious activities around the house. Also, only share your personal details once you know them. Don’t hesitate to say a friendly hello the next time you pass by a neighbor. Just be cautious and choose who you talk to.

 Don’t broadcast you live alone

If you have a mailbox, avoid putting your full name on it. A surname will be enough for easy identification for deliveries. Keeping your blinds and curtains closed is also recommended, so passersby won’t see that you live alone and keep your belongings in private. This can prevent burglars from noticing your space. At night, keep your home well-lit so that burglars will assume that there are people inside.

Most importantly, avoid telling anyone you barely know that you live alone. Make sure to get to know your neighbors first before giving them any details about you or your house. In situations you need to invite an appliance repair technician or a cable installer to your home, have a friend come over so you won’t give an impression that you live alone.

By doing these, you can better enjoy your solo living without worrying about your safety at home. You get to improve your personal time, do work with little to no distractions, and enjoy your space. Don’t hesitate to take extra precautions to keep yourself secure when living on your own. 

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