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Marble for countertops Durant – The marble kitchen countertop is amongst the most sought after countertop elements today and has now been so for many years. Pebble countertops will add a precise touch of class and splendour that is by nature marble. Obtainable in various colours and hues, pebble ranges in colour via yellows and greens on the black and white, most common.

Pebble countertops are a natural metamorphic stone in the limestone family; after some time, limestone changes to slate underneath incredible heat and stress and then further changes to marbled when left under higher amounts of heat and pressure. Marble is found in quarries worldwide and can be sculpted to a shape that could be an advantage if you are trying to blend having a decorative piece.

Another thing that you can do to give it an even more described look is a process that will give it an antique look that adds a specific something to even the most beautiful associated with kitchens.

Marble for countertops Durant – Due to its porosity, marbled countertops need to be sealed when finished, or you risk altering the marble into something you will not be too happy with. Today’s actual marble countertops can last a few decades or lengthier with proper maintenance to help justify the very high cost of a marble kitchen countertop.


  • Natural look of beauty all its own
  • Every item is unique
  • Durable
  • Perfect for any baking area because it keeps its coolness


  • Can crack and break
  • Most small blemishes can be sanded out
  • High cost

Marble for countertops Durant – The marble kitchen countertop will undoubtedly range anywhere from $150-250 for each square foot installed. The most significant variable is the amount of manufacturing done to it. Marble countertops are an exquisite and unique material that will include sophistication to any kitchen redesign that you are involved in.